T-Rob to Pittsburgh, Brown accepts Vikes invite

They may not have been chosen in the draft selection show, but these graduating Cowboys are headed to greener professional pastures.

Terrence Robinson has always wanted to be a successful businessman. And now, thanks to the Pittsburgh Steelers, his business is professional football.

"I chose them because they called me early, they were showing interest all along," Robinson said.

Other franchises that were impressed with Robinson's efforts were New England, Arizona, Atlanta and Chicago.

Robinson said his agent — Jack Mills, out of Boulder, Colo. —  knows Daniel Rooney, the Steelers' owner, and that contributed a lot to his decision to sign with the Steelers.

"It seemed like a real personal connection with them, they really made an impression on me," Robinson said.

Even though he wasn't chosen by a team in Saturday and Sunday's draft selection, Robinson said it was almost a blessing in disguise.

"It is almost better, I think, that if you don't go in the first three rounds to just remain a free agent," Robinson said. "I may have not gone quickly, but at least I was presented with the chance to pick the team that suited me."

Robinson said the money is something that is always alluring, and he is glad that his football talents may pay off for him soon.

"If you go in the early rounds, you are guaranteed a lot of money, but I would rather take my pick of teams that benefit my needs as a player and person instead of just going wherever someone sends me," he said. "The money you get with being a top-draft pick is nice, I guess, but I am really happy this way, too."

In his senior season with the Cowboys, Robinson was the defensive captain of the squad. In OSU's near-victory in Austin Oct. 5, Robinson notched nine solo tackles, 12 total. Against No. 3 Oklahoma Nov. 30, the linebacker recorded 11 tackles — nine solo.

"There are a lot of emotions going through my head right now, for sure," Robinson said. "I am more excited than anything. Believe it or not, just going to the camp and developing a relationship with them is the greatest part."

If he makes the Steelers' roster, Robinson will join another OSU standout, Jason Gildon — a two-time Pro Bowl selection — in a Pittsburgh uniform.

Gildon, a former Cowboy defensive end who is currently second on Pittsburgh's all-time sack list (71), was selected by the Steelers in the third round of the 1994 draft.

"I feel like they are the best defensive team, and I consider it such a privilege that I can have this chance," Robinson said.

Concluding his collegiate campaign with a Houston Bowl victory is an experience that Robinson said he will never forget. He posted a seven-tackle performance in the Cowboys' win over Southern Miss Dec. 27.

But now, it is time to make new memories, Robinson said.

"All I wanted was the chance to prove myself, and I did it," he said. "I went out there and now here I am — this couldn't be more exciting. My dream is coming true."

Brown likes Norse

Oklahoma State senior nose guard LaWaylon Brown won't be apart from teammate Kevin Williams for long.
In fact, Brown and Williams will be side-by-side May 8 when the Minnesota Vikings mini-camp begins.
Williams, the No. 9 pick in the 2003 NFL Draft, was chosen by the Vikings Saturday. Brown, however, waited for his name to be called by the commissioner in the late rounds Sunday, but unfortunately for him, it didn't happen.
"I have gotten invited to Minnesota's mini-camp, and I accepted," Brown said from his home Sunday evening.
Brown said his decision wasn't a simple one, because of the number of organizations that were knocking at his door.
New England, Green Bay, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Atlanta, Tampa Bay and Dallas were among those in contention for Brown's talent.
"It was a pretty hard decision; we had to really weigh my options," Brown said. "There were a lot of things that the Vikings need that I feel like I can provide. I am going to show up and hopefully I can show them that. They must see something, or they wouldn't have been so persistent."
In his senior season with the Cowboys, Brown put up five tackles on two occassions and sacked Chris Simms in the game against Texas.
"The defensive coordinator (George O'Leary) assured me that I wouldn't be competing against Kevin at all," Brown said. "I am more of a nose type, so the direct competition won't be there between us. I am a pass-rusher type so they need me."
The defensive scheme that O'Leary heads is one that Brown feels he can contribute to.
"I do — I feel all the different teams that were inviting me to camp all had defenses I can mesh with," Brown said. "I like to think I am the type of player that can adapt and fit into any defense, and the Vikings are the team that I feel like I can fit in with."
Brown said he will finish up classwork at OSU, then head to Minnesota to take part in camp, hopefully securing a spot on the same roster as his Oklahoma State defensive line neighbor, Williams.
"Looks like we will miss graduation, because we report like two days before," Brown said. "But I am really looking forward to this, and I hope that I can make an impact and leave an impression on the Vikings coaching staff."

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