One-Day Camp Sets Record

STILLWATER - We're not sure there was an official count as we tried to count the numbers of high school football players decked out in the black Nike dri-fit workout shirts and we had over 120 as our count. Others said it was closer to 115 as we may have counted some players twice. Either way Oklahoma State set a record for the turnout at Sunday's half-day mini camp.

The camp which features some of the better prospects in Oklahoma and surrounding states is a valuable tool in recruiting. Many of these players had been to other campuses over this weekend and are heading to others in the upcoming days.

In order to more efficiently break this down for our subcribers we will do position by position updates. We will post stories on the top defensive prospects Sunday night, and we'll hit all of the offensive positions Monday. Plus we were able to talk to some of the campers by phone after they left campus.

The half-day camp consisted of presentations and tours of the Oklahoma State football facilities, which took close to an hour.

After the official welcome to the camp the players headed out to the heat and Boone Pickens Stadium where assistant athletic director for strength and conditioning Rob Glass and his staff instructed the players on stretching. They conducted a dynamic warm-up and then worked on speed training and development. Following speed work and help on improving 40 times, there was work on agility training.

The rest of the Oklahoma State coaching staff took over. With the parents up in the stands at Boone Pickens, the skill players worked on position drills while the offensive and defensive linemen went over to do the same on the grass practice field.

After close to an hour of that position work the skill players went into one-on-one drills with quarterbacks throwing to receivers and backs, and defensive backs and linebackers covering. The offensive line and defensive line also did one-on-one drills specializing on technique.

After a final meeting and a word from head coach Mike Gundy there was some instruction on proper hydration and nutrition with information provided about the training table and Cowboy Dining.

Again, to better sum up, as there is no way to have a complete report on the camp with so many campers present we will follow this up with a break down by positions.

Following the half-day mini camp there was a bus being loaded outside the West End Zone complex as the Oklahoma State staff will hit the road for guest instructing with the coaches at Stephen F. Austin University and others at several camps in Texas.

On Monday the camps will be in Belton and San Antonio. On Tuesday, they will be in Houston. On Wednesday, they will be in Longivew and at Lake Highlands in Dallas.

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