Q&A With Quarterback Commit Wes Lunt

Wes Lunt and his parents were back on the Oklahoma State campus early last week so that the 6-5, 200-pound quarterback from Rochester, Ill., could make his commitment in person to Cowboys head coach Mike Gundy and offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach Todd Monken. Robert Allen visited with Lunt immediately after his commitment and here is part of that conversation.

Lunt led Rochester last season to the Illinois Class 4A state championship and an undefeated 14-0 season. They claimed the Central State Eight Conference championship and Lunt was named first team All-Central State Eight Conference in addition to getting mention for All-State. He completed 69 percent of his passes for an impressive total of 3,107 yards with 30 touchdowns and just four interceptions.

On Tuesday, Lunt was on Sportstalk with Robert Allen and Friends on Triple Play Sports radio out of Stillwater. Here is some of that conversation with one of the top quarterback prospects in the country.

Question: The first time you came to Stillwater you were looking at the campus, getting a feel for the coaches, and generally checking things out. How different was it to come back for the second time and tell them you wanted to be a member of the family?
Lunt: It was even better the second time. You see it the first time and you are in awe of it, but you come back and it is the same old place and you know especially when you have built a relationship with Coach Gundy and Coach Monken. I'm excited to be a Cowboy.

Question: Coach Gundy is a former quarterback while Todd Monken is a former quarterback and an Illinois native. How easy was it to forge a relationship with those two guys because they are former quarterbacks and Coach Monken really can relate to where you are from?
Lunt: I mean it was a huge thing, and with Coach Monken Oklahoma State really didn't get on to me or recruit me until late. I just kind of got a Facebook message from him, and his dad and his brothers are football coaches from up in Chicago and they know my coach and he kind of mentioned it and that how the relationship kind of was built and he came and watched me throw and then everything happened.

Question: Take us through the recruiting process. You were recruited and offered by a lot of schools from across the nation. Some guys like it, some struggle with it. How was the process for you?
Lunt: At first, it was so much fun, and then in the middle it kind of got overwelming as more and more schools started calling and recruiting. Then at the end it was definitely a hard decision and very hard to say no to those coaches that you've built a relationship with for the last six months. It was definitely hard on that part but I'm happy and couldn't be more relieved that it is over. I can't be any happier with my decision.

Question: You have an older brother that is a quarterback at the University of Western Illinois. Now you are going to be a college quarterback. What was it when you were growing up and first started playing football that had you playing quarterback?
Lunt: When you are little who doesn't want to play quarterback? Everyone that wanted to was givien a shot and I was given a shot and I guess I got the job and it worked out well. I have a great family and a great high school coach, and my brother doesn't hurt too much as they have helped me through it all. My brother has been through it and he has given me pointers and I have had a lot of support and it is awesome to play quarterback.

Question: How did your family like recruiting this time because you were checking out Boston College, Michigan State, and a lot of big schools?
Lunt: Like you said, we went through a little of this with my brother but he kind of got introduced to the recruiting thing late. I got it a little earlier and bigger schools as you know. They were really on the ride with me and let me know they didn't want to influence me, but they were there for any guidance and any questions that I have. My brother and sister were with me the entire way and I'm sure they are tired of people talking about it back in Rochester. They are a great family and they have been the best to have with me, helping me through all of this.

Question: How much of a load is it off your mind to have your recruiting decision made so that you can focus on your senior season and defending a state championship at Rochester?
Lunt: You know it is awesome. It is a huge release. The recruiting process was fun and a little overwhelming and I am very happy with my decision. I owe it to my teammates now to do everything I can. All of this recruiting has got some press at home and I'm sure my teammates are tired of hearing about it. Now I'm real excited to get the season started.

Question: You took your team to a state championship last season, and you had 30 touchdowns to just four interceptions. Rochester had a 14-0 season. There is always something that happens, usually way before the championship game that keys a season like that. Did you have one last season at Rochester?
Lunt: You know the one that comes to mind, my coach, Coach (Derek) Leonard, has a dad that coaches a big time powerhouse SHG and they've won like five state championships and we got to play them for the first time last year in the fourth week. There were like 10,000 people there, the most that I'd seen at a high school game in Illinois. That was the turning point, you know we won like 13-10. It was a great game, great atmosphere. After that game we all felt that, hey, we can do this. We just knew we had to keep working, keep working hard and doing the right things on and off the field and that maybe we could win the championship.

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