Eustachy not the life of the party

Many people make mistakes. Those in the spotlight, however, get caught with more ease. Because ISU coach Larry Eustachy's "fraternity-like" actions have been made public, the young players he coaches, the school and the entire conference may suffer the consequences.


Iowa State University basketball coach Larry Eustachy usually has a lot on his mind after a tough road loss.  Most coaches dwell over the game on the plane or bus ride home.

Not Eustachy. 

He enjoys going out on the town and putting down a few cold ones with the local college kids.  Therein lies the problem.  What is a 47 year old married man doing drinking beer at college parties and flirting with teenage girls?

Jan. 23 marked a big day for the Iowa State coach.  The team was on the road against Big 12 North opponent Missouri, a game they lost 64-59 to the Tigers.  Coach Eustachy, who travels separately from the rest of the team, was spotted at a local tavern later that evening.  From there, Eustachy and Missouri basketball player Josh Kroenke hit up the local party scene where Eustachy was seen and photographed consuming alcohol and kissing the cheeks of co-eds.   These photographs were later released and caused quite the stir around the campus. 


Eustachy declined to be interviewed at this time but did release a statement saying, "In the past, I have made some poor decisions that I regret."  No disciplinary actions have been taken by the university as of yet. 


Incidents like these seem to catch the public eye in an unparalleled manner.  People as a whole enjoy seeing public figures exposed.  Eustachy must realize that he is a head coach and everything he does is seen by others.  The coach of a team is known as the leader. The person the rest of the team leans on when the going actually gets tough.  How can you follow that kind of example and expect to be successful? 

Simple -- you can't.

Incidents like these truly overshadow all that is good in the world of sports. For example, Oklahoma State head football coach, Les Miles. 


Miles is an active speaker for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.  How many coaches can say that?  In his short term at OSU he has brought about an attitude of leadership that can only be described as classy.  He realizes that his players are put on a pedestal and that they should be the most outstanding citizens that Oklahoma State has to offer.  The players respect this kind of leadership and respond to it.  I hope people realize just how lucky OSU is to have this kind of man at the helm. 


Did Miles' leadership have a major part in the recent bowl season for the Cowboys? 




Did the leadership of Eustachy have an impact on the Cyclones' recent mediocre season? 


I believe so. 


While Eustachy may have been doing nothing illegal, what he did was immoral and a bad representation of his university.  He is a human being like each and every one us but must realize that he is a public figure and his actions have a major impact on those that support and not to mention those that employ him.


With all the stand-up men and women that lead the Big 12, it seems Eustachy needs to take a hint from his colleauges.

If he doesn't, the entire army of conference captains will be marked for the actions of one irresponsible soldier.'s Brandon Ingham can be reached at

Pictures above were republished from the Des Moines Register and taken by University of Missouri student Sean Devereaux on Jan. 23 between the hours of 1:30 a.m. and 5:30 a.m.

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