Top Veterans: No. 10 Grant Garner

We start two new series this week. This one is the Top 10 Veteran Players. To be eligibile you have to be a veteran player that has either started or played a significant role as a backup player. The criteria to be on this list is that you play a vital position to the success of this season.

Honestly, every player that plays is in a significant role from special teams coverage units to the deep snapper to the holder to the backup players. Still, for this list we had to come up with 10.

#10 - Grant Garner, OC
6-3, 289, Sr.
Mesquite (North Mesquite), Texas

Recently married, Garner has an interesting sense of humor but is recognized by his offensive line teammates as the brains of the operation on the field. Watch Garner and what you see is an offensive linemen willing to scratch, claw and fight to get the job done. His sense of humor could confuse you or mask his care factor which is extremely high.

Recently his teammates on the line said he was the most trustworthy member of their group. Considering that they are all trustworthy that is a big statement. His value is very important as the offense will stay mostly the same as a year ago, but there will be a few new wrinkles and his ability to make calls will come up crucial.

Garner is the leader of a group of linemen that have come up through the ranks of the Joe Wickline offensive line school of hard knocks and graduating is no easy chore.

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