Q&A With Shaun Lewis

Shaun Lewis was one of the best freshman defensive players in the nation a year ago, earning first team Freshman All-America honors following the season. GoPokes.com sat down with Lewis on Thursday for his first interview as an Oklahoma State Cowboy (he was not interviewed as a freshman because all first-year players are off limits to the media). Here are a few excerpts from that interview.

How has the summer gone and how is preparation going?
Lewis: There's a lot of excitement around here. We have a lot of expectations for ourselves, and we really don't care what other people have to say or what their opinions are. We put a lot of weight on our shoulders because we expect a lot of good things to happen here.

Where do you see yourself fitting in this season?
Lewis: I just want to be the best player I can for my teammates, and be there when they need me. I just want to make plays for the team.

How often do get asked about the interception you made against Oklahoma when Brodrick Brown made the incredible leap on the sideline and knocked the ball back to you?
Lewis: Pretty much any time they show the replay on television, someone sends me a text about it. I tell them all the time that anybody could have caught that ball. I give all the credit to Brodrick. That was amazing what he did.

What was going through you mind when you saw what was taking place?
Lewis: I really didn't know if it legal or not. I didn't think he had both feet in bounds, but I wasn't going to be the judge. I was going to let the referees make the decision, and just catch it and do what I could with it.

What were you thinking when you saw the ball coming to you?
Lewis: I really didn't even second guess it. It was just instincts. That goes back to just catching the ball in the yard. You don't think about it, you just do it. I wish I could have done a little bit more with it to help him out his ESPYs nomination.

Were you a little disappointed you didn't get to make the trip to Los Angeles for Wednesday night's ESPYs?
Lewis: I was more disappointed for Brodrick. Once again, he was the reason for that play and I just wish I could have done a little bit more to help him. It would have been fun to go to L.A. and see those stars and stuff.

Does it hurt a little more that it was a soccer highlight that prevented you from reaching the final four and going to L.A.?
Lewis: I wouldn't say so because I actually tried to play soccer in high school and it is a tough sport. I've never had the courage to hit a ball off my head or go airborne to kick a ball in the goal, so I really wouldn't know which one was more amazing. I'm happy for the play that got picked over us. Of course, I wish we could have went further but that's the way it is.

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