Big 12 Media Days: Baylor Bears

There's something different about the Baylor Bears. This year they are at the Big 12 Media Days coming off a bowl game. Baylor lost to Illinois in the Texas Bowl, but the Bears badly needed to go bowling after going through the longest bowl drought in the Big 12.

Head coach Art Briles is confident they can improve on that mark and part of the reason is an even healthier star quarterback in Robert Griffin III. Griffin threw more than he ran last season, but this season is his second off the ACL knee injury.

"His mobility has always been good," Briles explained. "Last year when we started out there was a little hesitation. Play calling, schematically, making sure he was okay, because he was inside of a year.

"I think it takes an ACL, I think, a full year to really feel comfortable about what you're doing," continued Briles. "So this year starting out we know where he's at. We know what he can do on the field. And so there won't be any questions when we jump on the field September 2nd concerning that."

The offense has Griffin, a mostly experienced offensive line and what was plenty of wide receivers before Briles suspended Josh Gordon indefinitely last week. He told the Big 12 media he is not sure if Gordon will play this season or not.

He is certain his defense will be better under new defensive coordinator and veteran coach Phil Bennett.

"I'm really excited about Phil Bennett. I really am. It's been, I hate to say, a breath of fresh air," Briles said enthusiatically. "But that man is a football coach. He and I coincide so much on philosophy and belief in how to treat people, how to make people accountable, that it's just ... I'm really excited about that side of the ball. Because he's got one thing money can't buy, and that's experience.

"He's got a lot of good experience on the defensive side of the ball. So we're not going to say anything or he's not going to say anything that's surprising. He's going to have an answer for everything. He's got a plan."

Baylor isn't the same, and the Bears certainly are not the doormat of the Big 12 anymore.

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