Big 12 Media Days: Gundy Has Answers

Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy was again voted unofficially the best dressed coach in the Big 12 on the first day of Big 12 Media Days. Gundy also was on the receiving end of two questions that were asked about every way they could be asked.

First, what about the loss of Dana Holgorsen? And, how will Todd Monken work out?

"We're very excited about Todd Monken and what he brings to the table," said Gundy. "We were looking for a coach that had experience in throwing and catching. And he's been around quarterbacks and receivers throughout his career, (and) had valuable experience in the NFL.

"We wanted a coordinator that would come in and be willing to run our offense. And it's not easy to find a coach that's willing to do that. And Todd's approach has been very good. Brandon (Weeden) and Todd's relationship has gotten to a level that I'm very comfortable with.

"I'm just looking forward to Todd putting his touch on our offense. But there won't be much that's different from last season. We didn't see any reason in changing what we were able to accomplish last year. So we just need to move forward."

Second, how about the middle of that defense and how do you strengthen that unit for a title run?

"Nigel Nicholas, and little ahead would be guys inside the defensive tackle spot, Joe Mitchell is a linebacker, (and) Caleb Lavey is a linebacker," Gundy explained. "Those guys will be key in the interior seven on the defensive side of the ball for us.

"I'm comfortable with our ends because we have returning starters that have played in big games. But those are an example of players that are going to need to grow up fast in order for us to have success."

Here's to August speeding up the aging process of the defensive tackles, middle linebackers and weakside linebackers.

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