Cowboy Scrimmage Notebook

Tempo, which is how fast the offense operates and time between snaps is constantly being watched by head coach Mike Gundy and the entire staff on both sides of the ball. The tempo started out slower today, but sped up throughout the scrimmage.

"For both sides of the ball, our offense needs to really play fast because that is what we believe in and that forces our defense to play fast," said Gundy. "Human nature is when you play against each other is to just go through the motions. Really, that is my job now (keeping tempo fast) because otherwise I don't have much to do out there. I just try to push the tempo as much as possible."

"It was better late, as the scrimmage went on it got better and at the end when we got rhythm, Coach Monken was dialing up some pretty good plays," Weeden added.

"I need to speed up my anticipation of the next (play) call," explained offensive coordinator Todd Monken. "That is what I got out of the scrimmage for myself. I need to quicken up my anticipatiuon of what could be the next call. You know looking at down and distance and field posiiton. It was a little different in that I was down in the end zone."

Monken called plays from the end zone up on the roof of Gallagher-Iba Arena. He will be in the press box coaches' booth for games.

Chelf Draws Some Praise

The last touchdown of the scrimmage came in goal line work and was a short touchdown pass off the arm of back-up quarterback Clint Chelf. Chelf got a lot of reps in the scrimmage and while stats weren't taken or released, he played well and moved the second team offense on some very good drives. He hit a variety of receivers including Michael Harrison on that goal line touchdown

"I feel a lot better than I did at this time last year, which is to be expected. I feel better about him now than I did when we started on the fourth or fifth," said head coach Mike Gundy. "He has a long way to go but I like his demeanor and I like his work ethic."

Chelf throws the ball so much better than he did as a freshman and has even improved upon his mechanics since last season and spring. Biletnikoff Award winner and All American Justin Blackmon is feeling better about Chelf.

"I feel way more confident in him today than a year ago," Blackmon said. "Last year, he was good. Now he knows the offense, he knows the system, he knows when we check plays. He's not out there guessing and he actually knows his stuff now. I'm a lot more confident in him and he's more confident in himself. You can see that on the tape."

Staley Is Still A Great Story and Running #1 at Fullback

On the first offensive drive it was obvious when he came out and laid out some pretty good blocks that Kye Staley has put himself on the top line of the depth chart at fullback. It was even more apparent on the offense's first scoring drive as a big run helped set up the Weeden to Blackmon touchdown pass and on that run Staley put two defenders out of the play with his blocking.

"I think he is going to be out there (first game). I think he has gone through an amazing stretch here and I am really proud of him," Gundy gushed. "I have said this many times that he is what college football is all about. A guy that reaches down and makes plays like he does. It is important to him to show up.

Latest on Aggies Departure to the SEC

Oklahoma State athletic director Mike Holder was there with his wife, Robbie, at the scrimmage and we hit him up about what was discussed on a conference call he participated in with his fellow Big 12 athletic directors just before coming out to watch. Holder had no comment but did say Texas A&M did not participate. He implied the comments that will come out on the issue of losing Texas A&M and what the strategy will be should come from the trio of Big 12 commissioner Dan Beebe, Texas athletic director DeLoss Dodds and OU athletic director Joe Castiglione.

Holder wouldn't comment on what schools might be targets if the Big 12 looks to replace Texas A&M. He did joke about Notre Dame. It would be great if inviting the Irish and them accepting was not a joke.

A source we spoke with at Texas A&M made it clear that it was not a done deal but it was certainly moving that direction with the President and the Board of Regents at Texas A&M in a hurry. The same individual said Texas and their repeated adjusting of what they wanted out of the Big 12 and of their new Longhorn Network was at the heart of the dissatisfaction with the conference.

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