Cowboy Camp Notebook

Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy does not like to miss much during camp, although he did miss a day of practice to go to Florida and watch his middle son Gunnar play for a nine-year-old national championship in baseball.

Tonight Gundy will miss meetings to attend the induction of the Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City. Gundy will join athletic director Mike Holder and other OSU representatives as Boone Pickens goes into the Hall in ceremonies at the Cowboy Hall of Fame and National Western Heritage Museum. Pickens is not the only Oklahoma State honoree as former track and field standout Jim Bolding, who recently passed away, will go in posthumously. Former Cowboy basketball standout and NBA player John Starks is also going in.

Half and Half Works

His teammates really love two-way player Wilson Youman's new practice jersey. Head coach Mike Gundy challenged the equipment staff to come up with something for Youman, who is playing both tight end and defensive end. The solution was taking an orange offensive practice jersey and a white defensive practice jersey and sewing them together. Matt "Chief" Davis, who is assistant equipment manager, said student Brandy Waggoner was responsible for sewing the two jerseys together.

"That jersey is awesome," said quarterback Brandon Weeden of the half and half jersey. "He came out yesterday in it for the first time. That is pretty witty."

Craig Coming On Fast

Zack Craig is one of the stories of camp as the sophomore safety is really playing at an improved level, Currently running second team, Craig is out there with Daytawion Lowe and playing behind Markelle Martin and Johnny Thomas. Craig says he is better physically and mentally.

"Last year learning a new defense being a freshman and my head was spinning," said Craig. "I had played cornerback in high school so playing safety in college I had to learn everything. This year is totally different and spring ball really helped me. I have the defense down.

"Coach Glass is good. He really is," added Craig. "I came in at 185 pounds and right now I weigh 201 pounds.

Craig will still likely contribute most on special teams. Last season as a freshman he was on kickoff, kickoff return, punt, and punt return. He will likely be on all four of those units again this season.

Beebe Likes Irish

You have to like the news that leaked out of the Big 12 offices last night that Big 12 commissioner Dan Beebe has designs on going after none other than Notre Dame and BYU if Texas A&M follows through with recent actions and pursues leaving the Big 12 for the SEC. Beebe was credited with saying the conference needed to be aggressive and shoot for the moon and Notre Dame might represent more than the moon. If I were Beebe, I would immediately go after Notre Dame and if I got them then go and get Cincinnati and Louisville too. I would also pursue BYU and TCU. Those five schools would get you to 14 and put you closer than any league at being the first super conference. Be aggressive!

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