Q&A with Tracy Moore

Tracy Moore had 17 receptions for 212 yards and a touchdown as a sophomore for the Cowboys in 2010 and figures to be an integral part of the OSU offense in 2011. Moore took the time to participate in a Q&A with Go Pokes.

What's it been like having Jeremy Smith playing along side you from your days at Tulsa Union all the way to now your third year at OSU?

"We've been playing together since his first year here, which was in seventh grade. Our moms actually work together. Even just the other day, his mom came down with my mom. They're good friends and we've been together a long time. It's nice to have him around and I'm glad we're both doing well."

What have you worked on the most personally this offseason?

"I would have to say I've been trying to work on my route running the most but I've also been losing weight to increase my speed. My route running has been the biggest part though, I watch Josh Cooper and we go one-on-one at least once a week. Coop runs probably the best routes I've ever seen, so I've been working with him trying to perfect that to elevate my game."

How great has it been just to be back out there, seeing what you've worked on in action, as you guys are preparing for the season to start?

"It has been great being out there. There is just so much excitement generated from competing again. I love playing with guys like Justin, Jeremy and so on. It's a blessing to be able to go out there and get to work."

The new jerseys have been a pretty hot topic, what do you think of the new uniforms?

"Oh man, everybody likes the new jerseys. Everybody loves them right now. It's a great time to be a Cowboy, I can tell you that."

With Todd Monken coming in to replace Dana Holgorsen, and also Kasey Dunn working with the outside receivers, just how much have things changed?

"It really is pretty much the same. Coach Monken is trying to keep things as close to what coach Holgorsen did as he can but he's added his own little twist to it and little things he likes. People better watch out, it's going to be good."

I know you guys don't like to talk about rankings, but does it serve as motivation or is it perceived in any way as pressure?

"They told us not to worry about it and they bring it back to how we weren't thought of highly last year when there wasn't any pressure. Now there is a little pressure and we have no choice but to accept it and earn it. That's the mindset we're taking into each and every day."

A lot of the focus nationally is on Justin Blackmon but with you, Josh Cooper, Michael Harrison and the rest of the receivers, how do you feel about the group as a whole and how you're playing off of each other?

"I feel like we have one of the best receiving corps in the nation right now. I mean, there are a lot of teams with great receiving corps out there but every guy we have has his own special strength that plays into what we do. Whether it's speed, size, route running, big-play potential, whatever it is, we have it. I feel like we have a great group across the board."

How is your connection with Brandon Weeden right now?

"I feel like our connection has always been there but when there is a guy like Justin who comes along, heck even I would throw to him all day. Brandon and I have a good thing going though and we're getting better every time we step out there."

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