Two Things Apparent With Sanders

Checking out the Heritage Hall Chargers, defending Class 3A State Champs in Oklahoma on this toasty night and two things were apparent with star running back Barry J. Sanders.

The foot that kept him out for the last part of the season and the entire playoffs is healed. Sanders flashed his jets, full throttle and nobody at Tulsa Holland Hall could keep up. There was no sign of limp or favoring of the foot. Sanders looked really good in his brief but productive stint in the scrimmage. The other thing that was apparent is the nearly always jovial and very engaging Sanders is becoming a little bit more reserved. The answers and comments he gives in an interview are a little more calculated and close to the vest. That smile is still there, but there is a sincere business-like approach to what he is doing right now.

"Yes, all summer I've been real confident in myself and I showed up tonight," said Sanders about his performance in the scrimmage. "We (Heritage Hall) have a lot of weapons and that is what is going to make us more dangerous than anything. That is what is going to make us more dangerous than anything. Guys like Shane Shockley and Cale Courtney can make plays when nobody is expecting, and that will make me and Sterling's (Shepard) job easier."

Sanders rushed for 1,168 yards and 16 touchdowns last season. Despite missing the last half and the playoffs he was on a state champion, but admitted it hurt to watch. He isn't talking individual goals, it's the team and being a bigger part of a championship that fuels him to a large degree.

"We have a lot of team goals, individual for me is staying healthy," Sanders said with that reserve. "All I want to do is go out and execute and try to score. That is why he gives me the ball, Coach (Andy) Bogart."

Sanders said the summer was fun and the camps especially the last one in Virginia were great to be around so many talented athletes and players that are going through the same recruiting steps that he is. It appears that it is Oklahoma State, Stanford, Alabama, and Florida State and the schedule is beginning to take shape.

"I'm to the point where after my officials (visits) I'll be able to make my decision," Sanders answered on recruiting and where he stands. "I've been to each campus at least twice that I am sincerely interested in and here in a few months I will take my official to Stanford on Oct. 1 and I believe that they play UCLA and then go from there. I will definitely take my Alabama trip during the season. I am going to the Florida State-OU game in Tallahassee, but that is unofficial and I will be OSU games unofficial and them take my official to those schools after the season."

Sanders is very business-like about it and has always handled that business well in context to his high school team and all of his teammates, four or five including Shepard (OU commit) are going through recruiting too.

"I know that (college) will be there whenever and that (high school) doesn't last forever," Sanders said. "I've got seven or eight months left as a Charger and I've been here the majority of my life. I am going to enjoy it while it lasts."

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