From the Coordinators: Todd Monken

I can tell you Todd Monken will be comfortable in the press box. The Cowboys new offensive coordinator likes the view from above where he can see so much more of his offense and the defense that the offense is going up against. Now when it comes to being comfortable with his offense and where they are in being ready for their first game. Monken may never be comfortable with that, ever.

"I'm not comfortable yet," said the veteran coach from a massive coaching family. "I'm not sure that I'll be comfortable the whole year. We'll get a lot closer, but basically what you do is that the players you put on the field give you a chance to win. You hope that what you call gives them the chance to be successful. You prepare for your opponent and then you go from there. From there I don't know. You work as hard as you can and prepare the players the best you can and then you go and play."

There has been so much talk about tempo, so much talk about how much, how little, and what Monken may have changed, tweaked, or adjusted from the offense that now West Virginia head coach Dana Holgorsen ran at OSU last season. Monken isn't really concerned. He believes the offense is his and his players now. The approach is simple.

"Get your guys lined up, execute the offense and then you'll be fine," he said.

Monken had a flagship receiver here in his previous stint in Stillwater in Rashaun Woods. He has one now in Justin Blackmon and he has so many more.

"We've got a number of guys that have made plays previously and we have some other guys that have made plays in camp," Monken explained in his answer. "Isaiah Anderson has, Michael Harrison has come back, and we have a number of guys that if they play will do the job and we have more guys to rotate freely than we had when I was here before. Then again, the offense is different. We had a number of tight ends, running backs, and fullbacks that could play then that we don't have as many now in some regards. We didn't use a lot of four wides with Les and we didn't recruit as many (wide receivers)."

Like Bill Young on the defensive side of the ball, the new coaching staff at ULL has sent Monken and his offensive staff looking for tape, but their search didn't have to go as far or as wide. The Cajuns new defensive coordinator came from Jacksonville State where the 3-4 defense was a big part of scoring the upset on Ole Miss in the season opener last year. Monken doesn't see new defensive coordinator Greg Stewart changing from that defense.

"I wouldn't think so," Monken said. "The guy (Stewart) came to Lafayette having success where he'd been. He wasn't just given the job without having success before. I don't see how he could waiver from that. They may change a few things, but the bottom line is I can't believe he would change what he has done when it has been successful. If he does, then we'll change when we see it."

Monken has proven to be a guy that is willing to change a little and and conform on his terms.

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