Sunday Rewind

The Oklahoma State head coach was pretty chipper on the phone on Sunday afternoon late especially considering that there won't be a lot of sleep this week with a short turnaround coming up against an Arizona team on Thursday night.

Late last night after the Cowboys had downed Louisiana 61-34 the Arizona Wildcats after leading only 14-10 over Northern Arizona of the Big Sky Conference passed their FCS foe silly in the second half to win 41-10. Arizona quarterback Nick Foles threw for 412-yards in the win, but the Wildcats struggled to run the ball.

During the teleconference when asked, Gundy confirmed that because they had little video on ULL this summer they did spend more time watching and game planning on Arizona.

"We had the bowl tape (Alamo Bowl win last December), so that made it real easy," said Gundy.

The talk was more on Gundy's quarterback Brandon Weeden, who completed 24-of-39 passing for 388-yards with three touchdowns, but also three interceptions and two of those were taken back for pick six.

"He had the three big mistakes that everybody saw," started Gundy in his critique after watching the tape. "There was one he tried to squeeze in coverage and there was a miscommunication between him and the receiver. The other one was a busted rout that brought an extra defender into it. The third one was a terrible decision where he tried to make too much out of nothing and should have thrown the ball away. He did press a little bit."

Gundy said he was not worried about Weeden. He understands that Weeden has had a lot of people bragging on him and he feels pressure to make as many plays as possible. He also knows Weeden's maturity and his work ethic will make that very correctable heading into the future and the very immediate future on Thursday of the showdown with Arizona.

"I'm comfortable with our offense and I know we have a enough playmakers," said Gundy. "We have a lot of weapons and I feel good about our offense."

They did have 666 yards and put up 61 points. One of those touchdowns was by the second team offense as Clint Chelf went 4-of-4 passing for 70-yards and tossed a touchdown to Isaiah Anderson. On that series freshman running back Desmond Roland rushed for 63 yards.

"I thought they did pretty good," said Gundy. "I liked the way Chelf handled the system and the tempo. He got the ball out of his hands and Des (Roland) got in there and ran the ball well."

The head coach talked more than offense as he said that strong safety Markelle Martin was the MVP on the defensive side of the ball and kicker and punter Quinn Sharp had that honor for special teams. As for some other topics.

Linebacker Alex Elkins: "On that play where he recovered the fumble he ran across the field and was the sixth man on the pile and still fought his way down there to get the recovery. I was kidding him that some of that had to be because of his rugby experience. He said some of it was rugby. He is a guy that makes mistakes but makes them going 100 miles an hour. I told our team if you give the kind of effort he does then you are going to play a lot of football at Oklahoma State."

Running Back Herschel Sims who did not play and was unhappy according to his Twitter: "Herschel had not prepared or put himself in position to play in the game. He had an ankle injury earlier and was not ready to play. We would have had to be blowing them out by 40 early in the game for him to get in there late. He was our fifth or sixth guy coming in."

On did he expect to run the ball 44 times to 43 passes: "We never know how many plays we're going to run or pass and that is going to be based on the defense (what they give us). We did bring in the tight end on short yardage and goal line and I thought we were average at it/"

Gundy said he liked a lot of what he saw out of the young defensive line but knows they have a long way to go and was mainly talking about the defensive tackles. He was pretty happy with the offensive line for the most part. He did like the way Joseph Randle ran the ball with his 22 carries on the night for 129-yards and two touchdowns but Gundy said it would be a challenge for Randle as the season progresses to see if he can continue to handle that kind of workload.

The Cowboys were back at practice on Sunday night, for a little longer Sunday practice than normal. Monday will not be a day off, from classes maybe, but not football. The next day off will be Saturday after the Cowboys play Arizona on Thursday night.

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