From The Coordinators: Todd Monken

There's no time to waste for Oklahoma State offensive coordinator Todd Monken, who with his no-nonsense style and blunt analysis is ready to move on to Thursday night's game against Arizona following the win over Louisiana-Lafayette. The Cowboys offense was responsible for all 61 of the points on the OSU side of the scoreboard and 14 of the points on the Louisiana side in the season-opening win.

The turnovers came about from a misread between quarterback Brandon Weeden and Cowboys receiver Josh Cooper, a busted route that brought an extra defender in the area that Weeden threw the second pick, and then the last interception was simply a bad decision on the part of Weeden.

There is no shortage of accountability as Weeden takes the blame. Monken takes the blame, and others step up too.

"I've never seen a perfect game by a player or coach, so there's always room for improvement," said Monken standing just down the row from Weeden where interviews were taking place Monday. "I guess it feels good, but the stats didn't really matter. The mistakes that we made, in terms of turning the ball over, are not good.

"One was something Brandon Weeden did, one was a mistake on our part. The bottom line is, our guys played hard, they played with toughness, they played with great effort, they played with discipline, they finished and they didn't make any excuses. That's really our goal. those five things, and if they do that, we'll be fine. We'll take care of all the big things; we've got good players. We just have to take care of those little things."

The Cowboys still expect to be somewhere in the area of 60-65 percent pass in each game this season and 35-40 percent run, says head coach Mike Gundy.

The fans were interested in the mix on Saturday. It ended up being 44 runs and 43 passes, an almost even split.

Monken has to know that he has a lot of armchair offensive coordinators in the stands eyeballing what is going on.

"In short yardage, we tried to run it. We had more short yardage and goal line than I would have expected in a game, so that probably led to that many rushing plays," explained Monken. "If you don't have that much goal line and short yardage, you're probably not going to have that many rushing attempts.

"I think if you took the formations by runs and by field position, we probably ran it more because of how many times we had those situations come up. In a normal game, do I think we're going to have that many short-yardage, goal-line situations? No, I don't think so.

"I think whenever you can be balanced and you can run the ball effectively, it helps your play action, and that was evident. I think half of our explosive plays came on play-action pass. With that being said, that's part of being able to run the ball, get the defenders to move up and throw it over their head."

Finally, it's a short turnaround as the Cowboys are already on Wednesday for a normal game week. They practiced Monday at 7:15 p.m., and will go again at the same time on Tuesday, which will be a typical Thursday practice.

Monken has done this short week in the NFL as well as in college.

"The good news is we're here and they have to come here. They have to travel and we don't," said Monken. "They played our time, they played later by our standards and now they have to be on our time as they are coming here. It's the same for them. If they had played last Thursday and had a full week then I wouldn't be as excited. That is the way it is.

"Like I said the other night, if you get to where you are pretty good, just like in the NFL, then people want to see you and they put you on television. If that is what you want, then get good at figuring out different schedules and playing whenever they want you to play."

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