Q&A with Brandon Weeden

Senior quarterback Brandon Weeden ranks second nationally in pass completions (66) and yards (785) entering Saturday night's contest at Tulsa. Weeden participated in Monday's media luncheon to discuss the Golden Hurricane, among other things.

What are your initial thoughts on Tulsa?

"It's going to be kind of like last year, they're a good, physical team with some athletic guys who can really fly around. Defensively, scheme-wise they do a lot of the same things they did last year. I'll have to look at film a little bit more and watch a little of the Oklahoma game , the Tulane game, and also our game from last year. So far, it's hard to tell."

It's your first road game of the year and you didn't lose any away from home last year. What makes this team so good on the road?

"I think we're just oblivious to what goes on outside the white lines. We don't really get wrapped up in how big the crowd is, how loud it gets or any of that. I think we're just focused on winning the game. Guys really just don't buy into the fact that we're on the road and not in front of our fans, we can only control what goes on inside the white lines. It worked out for us last year and hopefully we can continue that this year."

How will you pass the time waiting for a 9 p.m. kickoff?

"Wow, hopefully I get to sleep in a little bit longer. We wake up about 8:45 so if they let us sleep til about 9:30 or 9:45 to give us another hour to knock off the sitting around, that's the worst part about being a player is just sitting around the hotel room all day long. Especially on Thursday because there were no games on, it was terrible. On Saturday, we can watch games and stuff like that, maybe take a nap, but it's tough. A 9 o'clock game will be tough but we'll push everything back to maintain the same schedule."

You all played Tulsa pretty early last year and maybe they didn't know just what kind of combo you and Justin Blackmon were becoming. Tulsa improved a lot late in the year, what have you seen from Tulsa since that game?

"No doubt about it (that Tulsa improved). They went to Notre Dame and won; they had some big time wins last year. When you play early in the year teams are still trying to find their identity, still trying to identify what they're doing scheme-wise and stuff like that. We came out that game, I remember it like it was yesterday, and we executed on all cylinders. We were running the ball well, we were throwing the ball well and guys were making big time plays with the ball in their hands. When we're doing that, we're tough to stop. Still, we can't look back at that game and expect to do it again. It's a completely different year, it's a different set of guys and they have a pretty good defensive coordinator. W can't expect to go in there and do what we did last time."

With that late start and national television exposure, it's Tulsa's first home game, you have expect to take their very best shot. How crucial does that make starting off strong in the first quarter?

"That's exactly right, it's crucial. It's on a big time stage and they have a lot of guys from Oklahoma. They played with guys on our team and stuff like that so there is always that rivalry and the heated blood as far as that goes. You can't overlook them, they're going to be fired up. It's going to be big time for both of us so we'd better play well."

Are you expecting a pretty big orange contingent in Tulsa?

"I hope so. There should be a lot of orange there. I've never played there. I went to camps and stuff there in high school but I've never played a game there. I'm kind of excited to see how much orange shows up. I know there are a lot of OSU fans in Tulsa so hopefully it's about half-and-half."

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