Q&A with Joseph Randle

OSU running back Joseph Randle has been a breakout star early this season. The sophomore from Wichita, Kan., has 378 rushing yards and seven touchdowns, as well as 12 receptions for 117 yards through three games. He took the time to preview Saturday's game with Texas A&M.

Does a game like this weekend's against at Texas A&M get your energy level up in practice?

"Playing on the road is always fun because it's just you and your team there and the few fans they give us seats for. It's kinda us against the world."

Would you rather play a big game like this at home or on the road where you can silence a crowd?

"Well there's no better feeling than silencing a crowd. We've done that a lot within my time here. We silenced Texas' crowd last year and Texas Tech's crowd; we have success with Texas teams and we're just trying to keep the trend going."

Texas A&M's defense is going to give you all a lot of different looks and they do quite a bit to try to confuse offenses and blocking schemes. How do you all prepare for that and counter it on the field?

"The main thing is communication; the communication between me, the offensive line, the quarterback and the receivers. If we're all on the same page it won't be a problem for us. We figure things out as they go along because we have great coaches. They see things we don't see and we see things they don't so we communicate. That's the biggest thing."

From a speed and athleticism standpoint, is this the best defense you all will have seen?

"So far, yes. Absolutely. They are the best defense we've seen yet but our offense is definitely ready for it."

Do you and this offense look forward to challenges like this?

"I'm getting goosebumps just talking about this game. We're definitely going to be ready to play on Saturday; we're amped up. I'm ready to get it going."

After the late night victory you all had in Tulsa, coach Gundy said he was nervous it might take a few days for everyone to get back into a rhythm. Does having such a huge game next on the schedule fire you up enough to counter act a little of that fatigue?

"Oh yea (laughing). Oh yea, no doubt. This is what we all came here for. We want to play on this stage; it doesn't really get much bigger than this. We're ready. Losing a couple hours of sleep won't do anything to us because we're ready to play a big game. It's time."

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