This Win Feels Good

The Oklahoma State charter flight landed in Stillwater around 9:40 p.m. Saturday, and if you were one of the many fans that greeted the Cowboys then pat yourself on the back. The team was very impressed with the turnout to welcome them back. I know it had to mean a lot to co-defensive coordinator Glenn Spencer and his boys Luke and Abraham.

It also had to mean a lot to senior guard Jonathan Rush and sophomore cornerback Devin Hedgepeth who came off the plane on crutches.

Rush suffered a knee injury (possible ACL) and Hedgepeth's was a lower leg injury (possible torn Achillies). I know it meant a lot to all those players that busted their tail and played a tremendous second half to beat Texas A&M 30-29.

The halftime locker room was as calm and confident as could be with a 20-3 deficit. The coaches and players made their adjustments (really good ones) with the defensive staff shoring up a couple of areas and preparing for what they thought A&M would try to do the second half.

The offensive staff stayed with a lot of its game plan, but also committed to running a lot more screen passes. It all worked pretty good.

The postgame dressing room was loud, celebratory, but also very emotional with head coach Mike Gundy addressing the loss of Angela Spencer again. He expressed how proud he was of the team for what they had learned about being a family and supporting a member of that family that was grieving.

I know you all think I'm corny and very much a homer. A homer I am, but with a sense of realism. Several players, really the offensive linemen, gave me grief for picking A&M to win this game this summer.

Corny that too that I believe Mike Gundy and his staff have recruited not only good football players but good kids. That makes it even more fun to celebrate a win over a top-10 foe on the road. It makes it more fun to cheer on a win over a Big 12 program that is turning its back and running to the SEC.

Heck, it's just fun beating people and this group of good kids is doing that in record proportion.

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