Sunday Rewind: Weeden Impresses Gundy

It was seemingly a relaxed Mike Gundy that said, "This is Coach Gundy," on the phone Sunday for his weekly conference call with the media. Gundy spoke one day after Oklahoma State came roaring back in the second half to knock off home-standing and top-10 rated Texas A&M 30-29 in a game that had enough twists and turns to qualify as another sequel in the "National Treasure" series of movies.

There was a lot happening throughout, but as evidenced by the first question for Gundy there is some security in having a quarterback like Brandon Weeden.

"We certainly don't around here," Gundy answered when asked if he ever takes Weeden for granted. "We are lucky to have him. He works extra hard each week and he expects to make big plays in the games on Saturday. I think he played one of his best games ever on Saturday.

"That is correct," Gundy added when Bill Haisten of The Tulsa World said he had run into former Oklahoma State head coach Pat Jones in the Dallas airport and Jones had said that Weeden could probably throw 100 passes in a game and not show signs of fatigue.

"He has a special gift to throw a football. Coach Jones is right, he could throw 100 passes in a game and not show signs of it. I haven't been around anyone that could do that."

It was that talent on Weeden's part and more that allowed the Cowboys to drive down the field 80, 89, and 56 yards to score three third quarter touchdowns and surge into the lead. Joseph Randle contributed with two short runs on third downs that converted and moved the chains.

"Those were important plays, (but) all the plays on that drive were important," said Gundy. "If you don't score on that drive I'm not sure you battle back into it on the road. At home you would have more time, but that first drive was very important."

Gundy described the flight home as quiet.

"The players were tired and there were what about 200 plays in that game," said the head coach. "They have those TVs on the back of the seats and you can change the channels, so the players can watch the games going on live. It's quiet."

It was not quiet back at the airport in Stillwater.

"You know I don't think of that on the plane, think ahead, but there were a good number of people there when we landed," said Gundy. "I'd say 300 to 400. We landed about 9:30 and there was reason for them to be there."

Gundy said he is happy with the day-to-day operation of Cowboy football and that is a reason the players are resilient and handle adversity and situations as they are hit with them.

"That's leadership from the coaches, the organization, (and) strength and conditioning staff," continued Gundy. "The players will do what you tell them to do and I believe that 18-, 19-, 20-, 21-, (and) even 28-year-old players when you think of Weeden, crave dsicipline, structure, and leadership, and that is what allows them to do what they are doing on and off the field and in football games."

Gundy said this week his team would work on fundamentals on both side of the ball including gap defense. He also said the team would get a jump start on preparing for Kansas, starting work on the Jayhawks on Wednesday.

Offensive guard Jonathan Rush, initially diagnosed as a torn ACL, and sophomore cornerback Devin Hedgepeth, with a ruptured Achillies, are each scheduled to have MRIs on Monday.

Gundy was hoping for better news, but right now knows the diagnosis means that Joe Wickline will need to come up with a re-shuffled line up on the offensive line. Wickline routinely works in practice with that in mind. Gundy said he felt Andrae May would now get increased work at corner.

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