Lunt Pleased With Return, Cowboys Victory

Wes Lunt didn't have to wait long last Friday night to make his presence felt in the first game of his senior season after missing the first four games with a broken bone in his foot. It took just three plays before the Oklahoma State quarterback commit completed his first pass after leading his Rochester (Ill.) High School team onto the field after receiving the opening kickoff.

The Rockets received the ball to begin the game. The 6-foot-5, 205-pound Lunt handed off on first down and then had to throw the ball away for an incompletion on the first pass of his senior season.

"It was actually funny because we have two plays that sound alike, so half of our team ran one play ... it was just sort of a miscommunication, and I just threw it away because the (offensive) line thought it was a screen and the receivers thought it was a different play," said Lunt.

"But I completed my first pass on the next play and we got a big gain, so everything was good."

Lunt's return was better than good as he completed 23 of 30 passes for 343 yards and three touchdowns in the Rockets 57-12 victory over Taylorville. Lunt directed the Rockets to touchdowns on all eight possessions as quarterback, and was pulled from the game after the first series of the second half.

"It was good. It kind of felt like a first game (of the season), but it wasn't obviously. But it felt good to be out there with my team, and we won so that made it even better," said Lunt, who a year ago as a junior completed 69 percent of his passes for 3,107 yards while throwing 30 touchdowns against four interceptions in leading Rochester to a 14-0 record and the Illinois Class 4A state championship.

After making his 2011 season debut on Friday night, Lunt then watched the OSU Cowboys rally to defeat Texas A&M on Saturday. "It's a was a great game. Exciting game. I'm glad we won," he said.

Then OSU offensive coordinator Todd Monken showed up at Rochester High School on Monday to visit with the future Cowboys quarterback. "He was just kinda checking in with me. It was good to see him. I hadn't seen him in a while," said Lunt.

Lunt is looking forward to returning to the football field Friday as Rochester tries to improve on its 4-1 record against Springfield High (3-2).

Although the Rochester senior says the broken bone in his foot has completely healed, he says it has slowed him some as he gets back into playing shape.

"It's 100 percent healed. My speed probably isn't 100 percent. It's probably 80 percent but I can do all my drop backs and rollouts and it doesn't hurt. My speed isn't 100 percent but everything else is A-OK," said Lunt.

That's why Rochester head coach Derek Leonard instructed him to throw the ball away instead of trying to scramble for yardage in his season debut.

"Coach Leonard probably is more (concerned) than me, to be honest with you. He doesn't want to get me re-hurt, and I won't," said Lunt. "We're probably going to wait a few more weeks before we start doing some of the designed runs, and to really get things going with the offense. But we're playing a really good team this week and if the opportunity comes for me to take off running, that's what I'm going to do."

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