From the Coordinators: Todd Monken

According to Oklahoma State offensive coordinator Todd Monken, you need look no further than the Jayhawks Big 12 opener and fourth game of the season for a scouting report on their defense.

Kansas had a late switch at coordinator on the defense side when Carl Torbush announced he was leaving the program as a result of a cancer diagnosis. That elevated Vic Shealy to the role. Shealy has been a coordinator, but like Monken with the Cowboys offense needed to use what they had been doing and then mix in some of what he wanted to do,

"I see a team that is really trying to find their identity," said Monken. "Early on, Vic Shealy has taken over for Carl Torbush, and it appeared that he was initially trying to do the easy thing and transition in what he wanted to do, but in the bye week and against Texas Tech they went to more three down and much more of his background. I wouldn't think they would change that. The Georgia Tech game doesn't count with that option, so we can't look at that. The other two games they were three down or more four down. We've seen three down with Texas A&M and Louisiana-Lafayette and Texas will be that, so this falls right in line."

The misleading stat is that one that has Kansas 118th in the nation against the run. They may have a hard time stopping the run, but those numbers are skewed from that disaster in trying to defend one of the best option offenses left in college football in Georgia Tech. Oddly enough, it is an offense that Monken is familiar with as his cousin, the head coach at Georgia Southern, Jeff Monken, coached with Paul Johnson at Navy and Georgia Tech.

"I guess if you knew you could win throwing it 52 times or running it 52, you would do it to just win the game," said Monken. "But, there's a lot to be said for keeping balance. There's a lot to be said for spreading the ball around and making guys feel like they're a part of the offense."

I think it is safe to say you won't see Brandon Weeden running any option. It is not something the offense worked on in the bye week, but Monken felt they did get good work last week and had a good comeback practice on Sunday night before getting back to work again on Tuesday.

"I thought our guys' attitudes were pretty good. We got them out there for three days and worked them pretty hard," Monken explained. "That's not easy, telling the guys, 'Hey, it's your bye week. Guess what? We're going to practice three days.' I think that the guys bought in for the most part, but like anything, we've been going at it pretty good now for four weeks of camp and four weeks of the season, so I think their minds were on the weekend. I'm sure for a month they had planned what they were going to do for the bye week - a number of them, I'm sure not everybody - but like a lot of people do: 'Hey, what are we going to do during the bye week? Do I get a chance to go home? Do I get a chance to relax?' That's always on their minds, but I think they were fairly focused."

It's safe to say that the Cowboys will be prepared and Monken is seeking Saturday what a lot of Cowboys fans are, as complete a game on offense as Oklahoma State has had so far this season.

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