Q&A with Cooper Bassett

OSU defensive end Cooper Bassett has made a significant impact on the Cowboy defense through four games. The Tuttle native has seven tackles, two tackles for loss and a sack in helping to shore up the concerns that existed about the defensive line prior to the season. Bassett took the time to answer a few questions heading into the Kansas game.

How well have you and the other defensive linemen meshed not only on the field, but also off? You all seem to enjoy one another.

"We've got a lot of jokesters. Nigel Nicholas is the biggest kid I've ever met. I don't care if he's 42 years old, he's still going to be a little kid. Jamie Blatnick is one of the most sarcastic, funny guys you'll ever meet. Richetti Jones is a character. Davidell Collins is a good kid but he's definitely the butt of a lot of our jokes. Ryan Robinson is kind of our quiet soldier; he doesn't say too much. It's just great. We all care for and love each other and we love giving each other a hard time. That's what makes us like brothers, we can joke with each other and kick each other in the butt, but at the same time, we pick each other up and do whatever we can for each other."

How much more comfortable are you playing on the defensive line this year?

"Oh leaps and bounds. A big credit to that is coach (Bill) Young and the other defensive coaches. They've done a great job of just taking me under their wing and they've been very patient with me. I try to work my butt off every week and give those guys the best that I can but I know that I've frustrated them a couple times since I switched from tight end over to defensive end. Being a defensive end compared to a defensive tackle is also much more comfortable for me, too. Guys have given me a lot of tips and I've had a change in mentality as I've gotten more comfortable. It's made me a completely different player than I was last year. Even when I'm not in on a tackle, a sack or a quarterback hurry, just watch me on film. When I'm moving out there you'll see a much more confident player. It's been a blast this year."

Did the bye week come at a good time for you all after such a tough test against Texas A&M?

"It did. The A&M game was one of those physical games where you gave everything you had. It was nice to have a week to just settle down and relax. The biggest challenge for us now is to not have that hangover in our preparations for Kansas."

What was the best part about having a week off?

"I can tell you our legs are going to feel a lot better this week having that week off. Coach (Rob) Glass and coach (Mike) Gundy have thankfully done a good job of getting us our legs back and giving us a little bit of a break. Saturday was great. I'm just a college football fan and sitting on the couch and getting to watch some games was fun."

Did you get a chance to watch the KU game? And are you worried at all about a hangover, as you just mentioned, against the Jayhawks?

"I got to watch the KU game and they jumped out on Texas Tech 20-0 in the first half and that kind of surprised us all. Unfortunately for them, they ended up losing the game but we remember last year against them. It was a dog fight in the first half and we eventually came out and put it on them but we know they can play with us. No matter what their record is, they're going to come out and give us their best. We know we have to buckle down and give it our best. I think with the rest we've gotten and the determination, leadership and focus of this team, we're going to come out with our best and we're going to give it to KU."

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