Sunday Rewind

The Cowboys head coach is normally jumping right on his Sunday conference call with the media at 6 p.m, the scheduled start time. Tonight director of athletic media relations Kevin Klintworth had to go looking for Gundy and found him downstairs in the middle of meetings.

Despite tonight's rainy conditions this is meeting and work night with a short practice for the Cowboys before the players have their regular Monday off. There wasn't a lot of need to go over the 70-28 win over Kansas, but Gundy was prompted early in the call about the importance of this week.

"I think they (Texas) are a better football team," Gundy said of Texas (4-1) after losing to Oklahoma 55-17 on Saturday. "They had a tough game yesterday, but they are better on offense and defense and we will have to have a good week of preparation and go down there ready to play. Our approach won't be any different. We will have to have great focus and a good game plan."

The approach, focus, and game plan... Gundy got more specific about his approach and his team, which is now 16-2 in its past 18 games. It is a team that has also won eight in a row away from the friendly confine of Boone Pickens Stadium, including a 33-16 win at Texas last season. His team seems to be loose and having fun. They do the work, but they take full enjoyment out of the process.

"I just went down to a team meeting and guys were dancing to stuff on YouTube and laughing and having fun. I had to calm them down to get to our meeting and the get out. That is the way we want it to be," said Gundy. I want them to enjoy themselves. I want them to be loose and I want the coaches to be relaxed when they game plan and call the game. You want them that way because that it is better in going out to perform and coach. I want them to relax and prepare and not have a lot of pressure."

It's sound so simple, but the best teams have the maturity to understand the work needs to get done, but it can be done in a way that is enjoyable and the process will result in fun and success. This team and the coaches seem to know themselves well and know what buttons need to be pushed for success.

Looking back at Kansas, Gundy said he liked what he saw in the return of middle linebacker Tyler Johnson.

"He made some good plays and played physical," said Gundy. "He needs to improve in his alignment and the schemes in our system. I liked his energy and how hard he played,"

Asked about looking back at the play of Weeden, who was 24-of-28 for 288 yards and five touchdowns.

"He played very well and executed," said Gundy, who added a comment on a smash route that Weeden hit Blackmon on that had a very small window. "He can do that. He has the unique ability to do that that when 99.9 percent of the players that play the position can't make that throw and that's why he will play this game for a long time."

Gundy also said he sees Herschel Sims, who broke his red-shirt on Saturday as a guy that is physically ready to contribute and the reps he gets will help him mentally prepare for the future and hel the Cowboys be a better team in the future.

But based on the conversation throughout most of the rest of the call, the future is now and Gundy likes his future as do Cowboy fans as the team heads into a crucial two game road stretch at Texas and then at Missouri.

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