From the Coordinators: Todd Monken

They did not appear to be too disruptive in the Cotton Bowl on Saturday when Oklahoma thrashed Texas 55-17, but the Sooners did score three times on defense.

The Cowboys offensive coordinator Todd Monken says that Texas with all their blitz packages and physical talent coming out of all the angles that a 3-4 defense allows can be very disruptive and that Oklahoma State will need to be focused on offense to be in the right protection and give themselves a legitimate shot to attack Texas. OU did a very good job of that, but still had some negative plays.

Monken also knows that Texas, while the game did not come out the way they wanted, can benefit from the experience of playing Oklahoma in getting ready for Oklahoma State.

"What OU does is somewhat similar to what we do so I think you have to go with what they did last," said Monken also showing that the game and the video can benefit the Cowboys. "I don't think they would look at what they would last week and scrap it because they did stop the run. They gave up a few big plays, some that were untimely. They had them in a third and 25 and went two-man and gave up a hole shot and gave up a few down the middle, and then gave up a big run. Really, the only play they had running the ball was a 64-yard run. I would think they would look at it and say it's the same old thing. They are going to do what they do and just try to do it better."

Monken also acknowledged that while some Oklahoma State fans have been concerned that the Cowboys offense would run as fast, as up tempo and be as productive as it was last season. It has been more, which we have documented week after week in our midweek "Numbers and Trends" feature. Monken is not bragging. he would tell you it is way too early in the season about crowing over accomplishments, but it is a fact right now.

"It has seemed to work that way. It started with the second half at Texas A&M and even this week, staying in a personnel group and trying to tempo a little bit more, whether that includes keeping their personnel on the field or not getting lined up or not getting calls. Part of that plays into what we're doing and part of it plays into what they're doing."

Hopefully, that will continue to give opposing defenses trouble, keep them from substituting, and keep allowing the Cowboy offense to go up and down the field.

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