From the Coordinators: Bill Young

Bill Young has been coordinating defenses to stop offenses for a long time. Just today in Austin, Texas, Longhorns head coach Mack Brown credited Young with being experienced and being one of the best in the business.

Brown said that Young's defenses are very multiple and that based on the fact that Oklahoma blitzed the Texas pup quarterbacks like silly on Saturday and it worked, he expects Young will do the same.

The Cowboys veteran defensive coordinator has coached against Texas while at Oklahoma, Kansas, and several other times in his many college stops.

"Gosh, I don't remember (how many times I've coached against Texas), I just remember that I haven't beaten them very often," said Young.

Last season was one as the Cowboys defense did a good job of stifling the Texas offense as Oklahoma State won 33-16. Young knows it was an important win for the Oklahoma State program. It also helps that there are a number of players that were there to fight off the 100,000 crowd plus at Texas for that win last season. It could set the table for Saturday night.

"It really is, we have seven new starters which is a little concerning and we play a lot of people on defense," said Young. "A lot of those guys were there last year and all of them were at A&M earlier this season for a similar environment. We should be ready for the environment. We just have to be ready for the plays that Texas will throw at us."

With the new offensive coordinator Bryan Harsin out of Boise State and the wide ranging aspects you get on the offense they give you a lot of things to work on. You have to be calculated in your preparation.

"They do a lot of great stuff on offense," said Young with a sincere sound of admiration in his voice. "They do a lot of tight end trades, shifts, and motions, back trades. They do a lot of unbalanced line. They go with three tackles in the game. They do pole cat. They do so many things and they do them really fast. You have to get lined up and get ready to go or you're going to get out gapped. What it does is take away from your practice time and working on the fundamentals of the powers and the counters they run. You have to spend time on getting lined up right. They have a great philosophy."

That's where Young's experience has to come in. It is time for him to get his defense ready to whip up on that whippersnapper of a young offensive coordinator for the Longhorns. It's a good week for a willy veteran.

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