Q&A with Justin Blackmon

Junior wide receiver Justin Blackmon had eight catches for 84 yards and two touchdowns to help Oklahoma State build a 56-7 halftime lead, en route to a 70-28 thumping of Kansas last Saturday. Blackmon took the time to reflect on the Pokes' most recent victory and also preview Saturday's matchup with the Texas Longhorns.

Having to play in Austin two years in a row isn't an easy thing to do but how much did winning down there last year boost your confidence?

"It did give us a little bit of a confidence boost but, overall, we know when we go down there, we're going to get the best Texas team they can put out there. It's going to be a fight."

Do you at all think the score from the Texas-Oklahoma game is perhaps a little misleading? That's a pretty talented team you all have to face on Saturday.

"We can't go in overlooking them or thinking anything less of them just because they got beat by OU the way they did. It's going to be a good game and they're going to have a chip on their shoulder; they're going to come out swinging and they're going to come out playing like Texas should. They have high standards and they're going to come out swinging."

How do you all feel as an offense after putting up 70 points on Kansas?

"We're feeling pretty good about it, but we know we can improve in a lot of spots. We're going to go in, work hard, get a game plan and come out excited."

Do you think this offense still has room to get better?

"I think we can (get better). We're not perfect but we're getting closer to it week by week."

Where do you see that improvements would be needed after a performance like you all had Saturday?

"Saturday went well but that showed us how good our speed and our tempo can be. Now we can't settle for less than that. If we move our offense at that speed and execute as well as we did then we can make life hard on any defense."

Obviously this offense can score on anyone when you all are clicking but the defense has forced eight turnovers through two conference games. How much does it help you all to establish a rhythm when you're given short fields and extra opportunities?

"That has been extremely important for us. Anytime the defense can get us the ball back, especially on our side of the 50, it gives us a huge edge and takes a lot of the pressure off if we can pounce on the opportunity. We just have to do our part and get points out of those chances to put our team in the best position to succeed."

To move away from the offense as a whole for a second, where have you made the biggest strides individually from last season?

"I would say my biggest improvement has been made in my blocking. I've been more physical and my technique in blocking has gotten a lot better."

Are you going to get Brandon Weeden anything for his 28th birthday?

"I might get him a bowling alley coupon or something so he can take his wife our bowling. Old people like bowling, right?"

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