Sunday Rewind: OSU 38, Texas 26

Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy is not going to be gathered in front of a television here in 30 minutes or so to see the unveiling of the first BCS Poll of this 2011 college football season.

"Honestly, I thought it came out at 4:30 (this afternoon)," said Gundy when asked about it. When told that it would be on at 7:15 p.m., Gundy had another plan. "We will be in meeting up till then and then we will be on the field for practice, so I'll have to hear about it later."

Gundy said after the game on Saturday, the 38-26 win over Texas in Austin that virtually assures that the Cowboys will be ranked fourth in the initial BCS, that he would likely hear about it from his boys as they will watch it and then tell dad all about it when he gets home. Gundy said he prefers to leave the BCS to his boys and the fans and media and focus on getting prepared for Missouri.

Coming out of the Texas game there were compliments for both sides of the line of scrimmage, as in the offensive and defensive line. The defensive line had a myriad of contributors to the success in sacks and turnovers along with tackles for losses. Gundy did feel like Texas got too much on first down plays, but not always.

"They continue to improve," said Gundy of the defensive line. "Jamie Blatnick played really hard and Nigel Nicholas had a really good first half and played well into the second half. (As a group) they continue to make plays and chase the ball. Jamie was our defensive player of the game."

As for the defensive turnovers and the theme of Bill Young's defense, Gundy was right in there with that as well especially the abundance of second half turnovers.

"The majority have been in the second half," said Gundy. "That line and the linebackers have been in the right gaps forcing turnovers and that has worked well for us. I knew we were up there, but that is news to me," added Gundy when told his team was tied for second in the nation in turnover margin.

As for the offensive line, Gundy did enjoy viewing the video and especially the two big runs by Jeremy Smith.

"(Offensive line) was really good on a couple of runs," said Gundy. "They had the players in the gaps sealed off and then the center (Garner) came back and got the linebacker. Those guys are really solid."

It was an interesting call with a delay before the first question and the early discussion was on the hatchet job written up by Fox Sports internet writer Thayer Evans. A story that has really made Oklahoma State fans livid, but one that Gundy said he hasn't read and didn't seem to be in a hurry to see. Oddly enough, Gundy remembered the name from a dirt digging story Evans was a part of on former OSU linebacker Chris Collins.

Gundy said he took a stand one time for a player (the rant) and he said he feels people don't stand up for what they believe in nearly enough. As for this story he wasn't concerned and added that he does enjoy dealing with the media and feels he has been fair with the media over his playing and coaching career.

The important thing on this Sunday night was finishing the Texas game and moving on to a Missouri team that hammered Iowa State 52-17 on Saturday in Columbia.

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