From the Coordinators: Bill Young

Opinions on the Oklahoma State defense seem to differ from virtually every person you speak to. Head coach Mike Gundy will tell you he is happy with his crew of defenders but does say he sees areas they need to improve in. He'd like to see the run defense shored up a little. Defensive coordinator Bill Young would agree with him too.

Both coaches love what the Cowboy defenders do when they catch up and corral runners, quarterbacks, anybody with the ball. They strip em.

"Turnovers are always going to be big and we really appreciate getting those things and our players understand the importance of it," said Young on Monday of his bend but don't break and then steal the football defenders. "We're talking about it on the sideline all the time, particularly when our offense has had the defense on the field for a long time and we talk about trying to put them back on there because their tongues are hanging out and they're tired."

Young is ready to coach another week of "stop the mobile quarterback" style of defense. First there is James Franklin and then there is running back Henry Josey.

"They're a spread offense, they've got a lot of receivers and people touching the ball, different athletes, an excellent quarterback who's not only a good thrower, but an excellent runner," described Young.

While the offense has the luxury of being given credit each week that they can light the opponent and the defense up, the defense gets doubts each week. They don't care and they take each week for what it is: a challenge.

"Our season is going to be that way," said Young. "We've gone to Texas, we went to A&M and now we're on our way to Columbia. It'll be a real challenge. Anytime you go on the road, it's a tough deal."

Yes, and Missouri is averaging 480.3 yards per game on offense and putting 32.3 points on the board. That makes them a medium size challenge in this conference, but as dangerous a challenge as there is out there in the Big 12 other than Oklahoma.

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