Sunday Rewind: Gundy Expects Blackmon To Play

Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy said what everyone saw in person or on television Saturday was what he saw on the tape Sunday in reviewing his now third-ranked Oklahoma State Cowboys 45-21 performance on the road at Missouri.

"Jamie Blatnick and Caleb Lavey played well, and Wilson Youman gave us a lot on defense as he had 37 plays," said Gundy. "The offensive line played good and the running backs ran well. The quarterback played good. There were a couple of decisions he could have made a better choice, but he threw the ball well."

The most critical question that Gundy had to answer Sunday concerned All-American wide receiver Justin Blackmon, who sat the entire second half after being "dinged in the head" and suffering concussion-like symptoms.

"He's over here this afternoon in the complex walking around and he looks fine," said Gundy.

"I expect to have him back for practice and for him to be with us Saturday (against Baylor). They won't do those tests until tomorrow when they come over around three. We'll hold him out tonight (Sunday practice). Anybody that gets dinged or has a head injury we hold them out the next day," he said.

Gundy was asked about Hubert Anyiam and if there was a chance his injury was not as severe as originally diagnosed (broken bone in the left foot).

Gundy said there wasn't a chance of that, and that Isaiah Anderson would get added work. He added that three players -- Colton Chelf (who plays both outside and inside receiver), Charlie Moore, and Anderson -- would be worked into the rotation.

Gundy was also asked about the numerous dropped passes the Cowboys had Saturday and offensive coordinator Todd Monken saying he would want to get receivers more reps in practice.

"I did not hear Todd's comment on that but I don't want to practice any longer," said Gundy. "We are practicing them long enough. There were way too many drops in the Texas game and way too many drops yesterday. I know who they are and I know they can catch and they will make the adjustments."

Gundy said he saw different parts of the two big upset games on Saturday night as he saw the final play in the Michigan State win over Wisconsin. "That was a heckuva play."

He also watched part of the Texas Tech win over Oklahoma.

"That's every week in this league," started Gundy. "You lose focus or get distracted, don't play hard then you have a chance of getting beat. It is difficult. It's a dogfight every week. I just want our players to have no regrets on Saturday, no regrets about preparation and just go out and have fun and play."

Right now it is hard to think about changing a thing except elevating players to step in and make plays where other guys get hurt, but that is part of the progression every season.

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