From the Coordinators: Bill Young

Over the course of the season already the Cowboys, ranked third in the BCS, have seen their share of running quarterbacks. Louisiana started off with a quarterback rushing attack and Tulsa had the combination of G.J. Kinne and when he was hurt then Henderson came in and kept up the run.

In the Big 12 opener the Aggies opened the scoring with a cross-country zone read option keeper by Ryan Tannehill.

Kansas broke that up, but the last three weeks have featured young David Ash at Texas and last week James Franklin at Missouri and now comes the mobile supreme athleticism of Robert Griffin III, better known by his Heisman moniker of RG3.

"If you look at the Heisman trophy race, he's right in the thick of it. The other two quarterbacks (David Ash and James Franklin) were young quarterbacks," said Oklahoma State defensive coordinator Bill Young. "They're going to be great down the road, but they're freshmen and sophomores and haven't really had the action griffin has.

"It is a benefit," continued Young on having played mobile quarterbacks leading up to the homecoming match-up with Baylor and Griffin. "They run the same plays. They have very, very similar offenses and we've had some issues with some of those plays, and we've had to get right on it this week and make sure we make some corrections to make ourselves a little better position to make some plays."

The reality is that while Griffin is as athletic as they come and can really run, it is his passing that excites everybody now and he has teamed with Kendall Wright to form one of the best passing duos in the Big 12.

"He throws the ball unbelievably. It looks like tremendous improvement in his passing game," added Young. "He has so much zip on the football, and when he throws it, it is just smoking."

Young is happy with a defense that is pacing Oklahoma State to the top spot in the nation in turnover margin and is showing solid play up front, getting better at the gap control defense that Young teaches, and a secondary that is becoming very stingy about giving receivers opportunities to catch the football.

Oklahoma State has had good fortune in defending RG3 over his career and the work will go in this week to make sure that continues.

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