OSU Injury Update

When I went to dinner after the game people were polite, but they were concerned, in inquiring about the injuries during the game. There seemed to be a lot of injuries during the Cowboys 59-24 win over Baylor, but I think it looked a lot worse than it was. Here is what we know.

Josh Cooper, WR

Cooper played on the first series and caught one pass for four yards, but during that series his hamstring (left) tightened up. He rode the bike but couldn't really get it loose. Hamstrings have been a problem for Cooper. The decision was made to try and keep him out if he wasn't needed. They were able to do that and he started receiving treatment at halftime. He should be good for next week.

Shaun Lewis, SLB

Lewis had a slight ankle injury last week at Missouri, but practiced on it all week. He had it stepped on in the first half and came off. He had it re-taped and returned and played through the rest of the game.

Justin Gilbert, CB

Gilbert had a twinge in his knee but when he came off, he quickly discovered his left knee was okay. He had a sleeve on it and returned and played throughout the rest of the game.

Jeremy Smith, RB

Smith played and played well, but hurt his hand in the third quarter. He was taken to the training room for a further examination and x-ray. He returned with his finger taped but we were told could have gone back in the game if needed. In fact, Smith was working to get back into the game with the coaches.

Lavocheya Cooper, S

Cooper came off with a knee injury. The same knee he hurt in the spring that caused him to be a late for the start of this season. When they got the pant leg up and the brace off, they found a laceration as he had been popped on the knee and it opened up a cut right on the knee cap. Cooper should be fine.

The good news is there was nothing serious and unless something else develops then everybody should be good to start the week. Josh Cooper might be the only player that might miss practice time and that could be precautionary.

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