One Of Nation's Best 2013 RBs Watches OSU

Altee Tenpenny out of North Little Rock, Ark., was in the stands at Boone Pickens Stadium for the Oklahoma State Cowboys 59-24 win over Baylor on Saturday. Tenpenny, who is regarded as one of the top running back prospects nationally in the 2013 recruiting class, is missing his junior season after suffering a broken ankle in the preseason.

"I go back and see the doctor on Wednesday and there is a good chance I will get out of the boot for good and be ready to do some running," said the Arkansas standout.

Last season Tenpenny rushed for 1,232 yards and 15 touchdowns on 145 carries. His excellent season led to loads of recruiting attention and he made camps this summer at a lot of locations including Oklahoma State, Alabama and Arkansas. His injury this season has allowed him to make it to four college games.

"Not much, just chllin," Tenpenny said when we asked him what he was up to on Sunday afternoon. "Just got back yesterday from watching Oklahoma State. I've been to four college games. I was at two games at Arkansas. I went to Alabama for a game, and then yesterday at Oklahoma State."

We asked to go into more detail on each school, all of which have offered him a scholarship already in addition to offers from Auburn and Mississippi along with looks from a lot of other top schools.

"The Arkansas games were both good wins and I am really interested in Arkansas," he said. "Alabama game was the win over Arkansas and that was fun. It was a great experience seeing a game there.

"Oklahoma State was a lot of fun," continued the 5-11, 200-pound runner. "It was homecoming and there was a lot of energy and the fans were really into it. It was great.

" got to tour the weight room and then all around campus and over to the Broadcast Journalism school becuase that is what I want to study. Then I got to meet with Coach (Mike) Gundy and the running backs coach."

Tenpenny is a very humble young man, who is very level headed about recruiting.

"I'm just taking it day by day and happy that God has blessed me," he added. "If the opportunities are there I will take advantage of them, but if not then I will do what I can." Tenpenny is a football and track athlete and said he is looking forward to competing again, and his next opportunity will be with track season in the spring.

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