Q&A with Grant Garner

Oklahoma State starting center Grant Garner has been an integral part of the Cowboys' offensive success on the offensive line as the Pokes are off to their best start since 1945 at 8-0. The Mesquite, Texas, native took the time to meet with members of the media to answer a few questions on Monday.

What are you enjoying the most, the big rushing numbers or the big passing numbers?

"Definitely the rushing without question."

Can you elaborate on that and just speak to the mindset of an offensive lineman when you're having your way in the running game?

"That's how you're graded as an offensive linemen. It's based on whether you can run the ball. I do think we need to get a little bit better in short yardage and things like that but I think we've been good on the goal line and running it in the open field. Third-and-one and stuff like that is where we need to improve a little bit."

How much of a luxury is it when you do your job to have somebody like Joseph Randle or Jeremy Smith taking advantage of it because they do a lot once the ball is in their hands?

"Absolutely. We know that if we get a guy on a guy then they're going to make the next guy miss and make every run productive."

Can you speak to the pride of an offensive lineman when you pave the way or create gaping holes like you all have the past few weeks?

"It's really nice. I think it also comes back to defenses having to worry about Brandon Weeden and the passing game. They help us out and we help them out so everybody helps each other with that."

You guys succeed whether you're throwing or running, how much versatility does that require of you as offensive linemen? Is there a certain style of offensive linemen needed at Oklahoma State?

"Yes. I think you have to be athletic and quick. You don't necessarily have to be a road grader to move guys off the ball. You just have to stay on them and move left and right well and I think we do a good job of that."

You are in the mix for the Remington Award as the nation's premier center. How much would an award like that mean to you?

"It would be awesome. It would be a nice honor for sure. But I have two really good guards and two tackles and we all just work really well together."

Going back to the running backs for a second, how would you rate Randle and Smith as a combination when you compare them to guys like Kendall Hunter, Keith Toston and Dantrell Savage?

"I think they're right up there with them. Kendall was an extremely special back. I mean, he's playing in the NFL right now. I think both Jeremy and Joseph can get there one day. I love blocking for them. They're a lot of fun to play with and I think they really appreciate our blocks and they make us feel special so it's nice."

How much fun is it right now to be in this offense? You all are just having your way on the ground and through the air.

"It's a lot of fun. I think the linemen are always lobbying for more run plays than passes but, you know, Weeden is so good and our receivers are so good that I'm sure it's hard for (Todd) Monken to run the ball. We just try to take advantage of every opportunity we get to run and we're having a blast. I think definitely this has been the most fun since I've been here without question."

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