From the Coordinators: Bill Young

Last Saturday in the Cowboys 59-24 win over Baylor, the Cowboys defenders got a little bit rambunctious in their pursuit of Baylor's celebrated Heisman Trophy candidate quarterback Robert Griffin III.

The official penalized Oklahoma State three times for roughing the passer on RG3. None of them were blatant and the only time Griffin's helmet came off, he pulled it off himself. The extra attention did impact his play as Griffin doubled his interception total on the season and ran 16 times for a paltry 27 yards.

"We banged him around a little bit," said Cowboys defensive coordinator Bill Young. "We had a couple or three penalties for hitting him. Sometimes it's a dumb penalty and sometimes it's a combat penalty and I think all three of them were combat penalties. We were going all-out and it's hard to pull off when you're that close to him, but at the same time we gave up 70 yards in penalties and we have to cut that down."

Young's defenders have a different chore this weekend with Kansas State coming to Boone Pickens Stadium. Unlike Griffin, who really scrambles to throw, Kansas State quarterback Collin Klein is like a fullback as the 6-foot-5, 226-pound former wide receiver has rushed 177 times for 762 yards and 16 touchdowns. Klein has some speed and athleticism, but he is also a bulldozer. His rushing presence could have an adverse effect on the Cowboys defense.

"What it does is it puts a tremendous amount of stress on you if you're a zone defense because all of a sudden they have an extra runner back there," explained Young. "All your run fits are predicated on the quarterback handing it off to someone else and he's out of the mix, but now he's the ball carrier, so you end up short handed at the point of attack."

While Kansas State averages 210 yards rushing a game they only average 130.5 yards passing a contest, which is somewhat freakish in the Big 12. They also huddle between plays. Call these Cats old school for sure. Young sees the huddle being an advantage for his defenders.

"I think it will," he said. "It gives you more time to get a call that's more tuned in to what they're doing. I think the biggest thing for us is getting our run fits right and getting a good pass rush whenever it is play action."

It should be throwback uniform day with the "old school" Wildcats in town, but that will be a secret until Saturday.

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