Sunday Rewind: Team's Composure Pleases Gundy

It was a fairly quiet and quick Mike Gundy teleconference with the media on Sunday evening. Part of that may have had to do with Bill Haisten of The Tulsa World taking the evening off from the teleconference. Then part of it may have had to do with the fact that everybody was still collecting their breath from a close call on Saturday night at Boone Pickens Stadium.

"The team had to rally and we have to understand the highs and the lows of playing each game in this league," said Gundy, who later added he was looking at statistics from around the league on Saturday and observed that a lot of teams had a lot of yards gained on their defenses.

"This is a conference where so many teams have a chance to win based on turnovers. You have to keep a level head and we got a goal line stand and then offensively we were rolling in the third and fourth quarters."

Gundy had complimented his coaching staff on Saturday night for being level-headed and staying calm in the fire of the upset bid by Kansas State. The head coach, who was very calm throughout, felt his coaches set the example and tone for the players. He also said there is no way of knowing when one of those games could happen.

"I wish I could say you can predict when one of those is about to happen, but you can't," said Gundy. "Mentally, you are in a dogfight and they were a top eight team at one point and you go in expecting it.

"We've had so many games against good teams we thought could be that way and then you get to the fourth quarter and they are out of hand. We jumped ahead and you thought that was the way this one could end up, but then the turnovers make the difference and in the fourth quarter they have a chance to win."

Gundy repeated several times he was proud of his team and having been through a couple of rounds of meetings with one more to go and a practice, he said that the team seemed the same today as they are most Sundays.

"No, they are all in the team room goofing around and playing music," said the head coach, who is now 56-29 in his career. "The noise level is high and that is consistent with what it has been the last month and half or so."

Gundy would not elaborate on the health of his team. Two players missed the end of the game last night as fifth defensive back and safety Deion Imade had a right knee injury that was packed in ice in the fourth quarter and wide receiver Michael Harrison had a right ankle injury that kept him sidelined.

Gundy said he would know more on those two players on Monday. Running back Jeremy Smith was held out by the coaches but was medically cleared to play following surgery on an injured finger. Inside receiver Josh Cooper did not suit up as he tries to get a hamstring injury healed.

Gundy acknowledged that his team will be number two in the BCS Standings and they are number two in the AP Poll and he is proud of that, but there are still plenty of games to be played before anything is set in stone or any championships are won.

"I haven't thought much about. It looks like what everybody tells me we will be in the two spot. I haven't had anything said to me to make me think I need to lobby. I think we can go play and let our performance on the field speak for us," said Gundy.

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