Sunday Rewind: OSU 66, Texas Tech 6

Mike Gundy's Sunday evening teleconference hit on a lot of topics on the heels of the Cowboys' 66-6 victory at Texas Tech on Saturday.

Among the first items on the agenda was the delayed exit from Lubbock, where Gundy and the Cowboys were stranded in West Texas because of airplane issues.

"We had some sort of a hydraulic issue with Continental then I don't know how long it took," Gundy said. "I got home at 10:40 p.m. or something and I think we got to the airport at about 3. We were there about six hours and couldn't get anything done. By the time they sent another plane, there was a lot of bonding time, let's put it that way."

The Cowboys were scheduled to arrive back in Stillwater at approximately 5:15 p.m. yesterday, but as you can tell by Gundy's time of arrival, things didn't go as planned but he said the guys made the best of it in the airport.

"A lot of break dancing contests, guys playing some chess, watching some videos and movies, goofing around and all that," Gundy said.

And there was good reason to have fun during the wait following a 66-6 drubbing of Texas Tech. It was the Red Raiders' worst loss in program history and launched quarterback Brandon Weeden into the forefront of several Heisman Trophy lists.

During ESPN's Sunday broadcast of its BCS show, one analyst has Weeden at the top of his list after Andrew Luck and Stanford were blown out at home by Oregon.

Gundy has long said he wouldn't trade Weeden for any other quarterback in the nation but he said he didn't feel like there was anything he could say to get Brandon noticed anymore than he already has been.

"I can't really market him for it but our media office has done a great job with Justin (Blackmon) and Brandon both," he said. "Obviously, it's extremely difficult for a wide receiver to win the award but what I said about a month ago and then after the game yesterday is I've watched everybody in the country play that people have called a big-time quarterback. I've seen them and I would not trade Brandon Weeden for anybody out there. No way."

The Cowboys are now preparing for a their last road game at Iowa State and they are doing it on a short week.

The Cowboys are playing Friday night on ESPN and the benefit of playing on a national stage outweighs the loss of one midweek practice. Gundy said Wednesday is their full practice every week anyway so it won't make much difference.

"I think it was a good move (to schedule a Friday game) at the time and, now that we're here, we're in good shape," Gundy said. "Our players should be able to get ready with one less day and just do a better job of staying focused and getting ready to play. I don't see any issue with it."

The one issue that does tend to play a factor this time of year is playing a night game in Ames, Iowa, where weather is typically cold and unforgiving in late November. That said, Gundy was up to date on the forecast and was pleasantly surprised by what he saw.

"As of today the high is 59 degrees with a low of 38 with 12 mile an hour winds at kickoff," Gundy said.

Can't ask for much better than that in Ames?

"Well really anywhere," he said. "Kick off will be about 45 degrees with virtually no wind. It really doesn't matter but I'm just saying, for football it would be hard to get a better forecast than that."

With Stanford's loss to Oregon on Saturday, OSU is now tied with LSU for the longest winning streak in the nation at 11 games and OSU's win a Tech was its 10th straight on the road, marking the third-longest streak in America.

With another road test on the horizon, coach Gundy said he feels much more confident, as do his players, about how they handle things than they have in the past and it allows for a more steady and methodical approach to game planning.

"We're much more comfortable now. We've won so many games the past three or four years that they understand what it takes to win," Gundy said. "I think our coaching staff has been great in handing the players and the mental approach at this stage. We've never denied from the start of this season that we had a good football team and I think that approach has been the right way to handle it. We're a good football team, we have an opportunity and we'll see if we can take advantage of it.

"We kind of prepped them for what could happen and we've been very lucky things have worked out well for us up to this point."

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