Selected Q&A's: Weeden's National Interview

Brandon Weeden has become a hot commodity as of late on the national scale as he keeps on winning and has been launched near the top of every Heisman ballot out there. This is a transcript of selected questions and answers from Brandon Weeden's national teleconference that took place on Tuesday.

It's kind of amazing that you have been able to break nearly every passing record in Oklahoma State history in just two years.

"Obviously it's something I'll take pride in down the road. That's the thing, in this offense my strengths are throwing the football. Zac (Robinson) was one of those guys that could throw it and run around to make plays with his speed. I think just the ability to sit back and spread the ball around with my arm attributes to that."

Brandon, just curious as to your coaches and as you win, pressure kind of mounts on you guys, just curious as to how your coaches manage that type of pressure?

"(Coach Gundy) has done a great job with it. Deep down inside, we all understand what all is at stake. He does such a great job at just addressing the team and just talking about this week. On Sunday he talked about how well we played against Texas Tech and how we're moving on to Iowa State. That's all we can really be concerned with and, really, he's been doing that since the first week of the season. He doesn't jump ahead; he's not worried about where we'll be in three or four weeks. He's only concerned about going to Ames and playing well. It all starts with him; he and the coaching staff have done a great job of keeping the guys in line and focused. Honestly, the most important thing now is what takes place Friday night."

How do you all do that, especially this week with what everyone considers the more important game after this one?

"You can't. You look across the country and you can see teams that have done that and they get snuck up on and get beat. We've played so well up to this point that there is no reason to take anyone for granted. We have to stick to the task at hand or else (an upset) might happen and then all of our goals are no longer attainable. The fact of it is we respect Iowa State. We've watched them on tape and they're a well-coached, very fundamental team. They're going to come in and fight and give us their best shot so, in college football these days, you can't overlook anybody. You do and bad things happen."

You're pretty firmly entrenched in the Heisman discussion following Saturday's performance, what does it mean to you to be included in that?

"It's kind of surreal. It's exciting and it's kind of like I've been telling everybody, it's one of those things as the team has had more success and put up some pretty good numbers, it's one of those things that kind of takes care of itself. I'm excited to mentioned in the same breath as guys like Andrew Luck (Stanford) and Trent Richardson (Alabama) and the other guys that are being mentioned for it. Obviously, those are two of the best players in the country, along with Case Keenum (Houston). Just to be mentioned with those guys is truly exciting and I don't take it for granted. As an individual award, I'm obviously excited about but it also means we're doing a lot of great things as a team and winning games. It would be fun to go and represent Oklahoma State."

Do you worry at all about coach Gundy leaving as some of the bigger name schools come after him?

"I'd like to see him stay here as long as possible. You know, I think he played here, he loves Stillwater and I've always listened to what he's said and he's called this his "New York Yankees" job. He loves it here and his family loves Stillwater and I think this is where he wants to coach as long as he can. I don't really put much thought into it because I don't even know if it's in the realm of possibility because I know how much likes it here."

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