From the Coordinators: Bill Young

When the Bedlam game kicks off on Saturday there won't be anybody on the field or sidelines with more Bedlam experience than Bill Young. Young has seen the rivalry as a defensive end for Oklahoma State, as a graduate assistant for Oklahoma State, as a position coach for the Cowboys, as a defensive coordinator for Oklahoma, and now as a defensive coordinator for Oklahoma State.

All that experience has proved to him several things in general.

One, the mental preparation is the most important heading into the game and two, the emotions set off by this intense rivalry, he believes make it easier for players to lock in and focus mentally on the game and the task at hand.

"Players want to win so badly, that they will focus much more in preparing for this game," said Young.

Now as for the physical preparation, the Sooners present several mysteries, some revealed in their game with Iowa State on Saturday, but the Cyclones are so different from the Cowboys that there could be more surprises. Young believes the Sooners have and will continue to overcome the loss of All-American wide receiver Ryan Broyles.

"They are so talented at wide receiver, they can take a great player like Broyles and not really miss a lot," said Young. "It would be like us losing Blackmon. We have some other really good players. They're very talented, and it won't be much of a drop off."

Then there is the short yardage package the Sooners use in that situation and in the red zone and at the goal line featuring reserve quarterback Blake Bell. Against Iowa State the Sooners showed lead option, a play-action pass, and a sweep to go along with power and counter plays that have been successful.

"We certainly know what to anticipate, because we've seen it," said Young of the package. "They'll run some other plays we didn't see, they ran two or three against Iowa State that they haven't shown. I'm sure there's more to that package than we know."

Here's hoping there is more to the defense than the Cowboys have shown. Iowa State used several new wrinkles after a bye week to prepare for OSU. Now in Bedlam it is the Cowboys turn to show a wrinkle.

"I think it has helped to some extent," said Young on the bye week. "You lose some rhythm, but having the extra days to be ready will help us. I think it gave Iowa State a huge advantage against us, because we had four days to get ready and they had two weeks. It won't be that drastic, but I think it will help us."

A little help would be nice, and a few Sooners turnovers would make Young happy, too.

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