Q&A with Josh Cooper

Cowboy receiver Josh Cooper will be one of OSU's 16 seniors honored before Saturday's Bedlam matchup. Cooper has been a key part of the OSU receiving corps throughout his career and will go out as the winningest senior class in school history. Cooper participated in a Q&A with Go Pokes on Monday.

When you hear, "Oklahoma," what kind of feeling do you have?

"They don't like us and we don't like them. It is going to be a dog fight and I'm ready."

Todd Monken has exhibited a lot of confidence about how you all stack up against Oklahoma. Has his attitude and confidence helped you all relax a little bit heading into Bedlam?

"He's fired up for this game but if you're not fired up for this game I don't know what it would take. We're all relaxed and we're not putting any pressure on ourselves; we're just trying to go out and play better than we did a week ago."

After a disappointing loss to Iowa State, what kind of lift does it give you to come back and be able to play in front of your fans that have given you all so much support?

"It means a lot. To go out there and play in front of the Oklahoma State fans is a great thing, you know? You've got your friends there, you've got your family there; it's Senior Night, we never have to worry about support so we can just focus on worrying about the game."

Speaking of Senior Night, this is a class that has never won fewer than nine games and you all are going to leave as the most successful class in OSU history, what does that mean to you personally to have been a part of that?

"It's a huge deal. We've at least tied for a Big 12 championship this year but going out and winning it outright would be a great way to end it for us."

As you just mentioned, there is a lot riding on this game. It would be the first time your class has even beaten Oklahoma, it would win the Big 12 outright and send you all to the school's first BCS bowl. How hard is it to I guess contain yourselves with so much anticipation building?

"It's very tough. I mean, it's Bedlam. It's always a big game for both schools but this year it means even more than it has a lot of years in the past, especially for us. We just have to go out there and execute and everything else will take care of itself."

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