Bedlam Report Card: OSU 44, OU 10

The grades are predictably high following perhaps the biggest win in Oklahoma State football history. The Pokes had outstanding performances across the board as they claimed their first outright Big 12 title in school history Saturday night in Stillwater.

Brandon Weeden — A

From a statistical standpoint that was one of the least impressive games of Weeden's two-year run as OSU's starting quarterback but his play was absolutely paramount in what the Cowboys were able to accomplish offensively. For the first time in his career, Weeden threw zero touchdown passes and totaled just 217 yards through the air. That should have no reflection on how the senior played in his final game at Boone Pickens Stadium. Weeden was precise and methodical when he was called on and the threat he posed kept OU from being able to sell out on the run, which is where OSU dominated the game on offense. Weeden played his role perfectly against the Sooners and he didn't make any mistakes.

Senior Ceremonies — A+

What a perfect way to send out this unbelievable group of Cowboy seniors and a junior. The ovations for what these young men have meant to this team were heartwarming. In particular, the deafening roars for Markelle Martin, Brandon Weeden and Justin Blackmon made the hair on the back of my neck stand up and put a tear in my eye. This grade is for the seniors and the fans' honoring of them.

Jerseys — A-

The black, orange and black look would have received a higher grade had it not looked exactly like what Oregon State has been wearing for decades. It was nice to see more orange included in the scheme than has been all season but I think a black, orange and orange look would have been even better and wouldn't have made OSU look as much like ... the Pac-12's OSU. That said, it happened to be the combo OSU was wearing for its first Big 12 title so that moved it up to an A- from my original grade of B.

Running game — A+

It would be hard to give Joseph Randle and Jeremy Smith enough credit for what they were able to do to the Sooner defense Saturday night. The pair has struggled mightily in recent weeks but rose to the occasion in the biggest of ways on the biggest of stages. The two were unstoppable and don't even receive a penalty in their grade for the late fumble by Smith on the play where he was injured. Randle was in his element, rushing for a smooth 151 yards on 19 carries with two touchdowns with none of his runs going for negative yards. Smith got the Cowboys' first score of the day on a 9-yard rush and finished with two TDs on his 10 carries for 119 yards. The Cowboy coaching staff put its faith in the tandem to deliver on Saturday and they exceeded expectations.

Stopping the Belldozer — B+

Yes, Sooner reserve quarterback Blake Bell's one carry went for 28 yards and the Sooners' lone touchdown but a high grade is deserved for not how they played against him on the field but how they kept him off of it. OSU's defense did a phenomenal job of keeping the Sooners far enough away from the end zone that it wasn't practical for them to go to the formation that has worked so well for them the past few weeks. By keeping the Sooners out of the heart of the red zone, OSU effectively eliminated the Belldozer formation from the Sooner playbook and that was a massive victory.

Environment — A+

I've been to a lot of games in Stillwater in my life and that was the loudest. It's not even close. The fans were phenomenal, as they have been all season, but Saturday night was special. Nothing I write could possibly encapsulate the deafening noise, enthusiasm or intimidation poured down on the field from a group of people who had been waiting their entire lives for this night. It was appropriate for it to conclude with the fans storming the field and tearing down the goal posts. A police officer standing right next to me on the field looked over to one of the event staff members and said, "Who would want to stop this? Just enjoy it."

Turnovers — A+

The Cowboys had been plagued by them in recent weeks, having committed 11 in the three games leading up to Bedlam, including five in the loss at Iowa State. OSU's defense had still been forcing them but not at as impressive a rate as it had been earlier in the year. Saturday turned that trend upside down. The Pokes committed just one turnover, a Jeremy Smith fumble, long after the game had been decided and the five — yes, five — turnovers forced by the OSU defense turned the game into a blowout. Anybody who still thinks OSU's ability to force turnovers is a fluke after that game doesn't know anything about football. The forced turnovers were just part of a magnificent performance by this Cowboy defense.

Offensive Line — A+

And the Bedlam MVP trophy goes to…. the entire line. We've known all season that the Pokes had a formidable offensive line but what they did on Saturday was a men vs. boys spectacle. Brandon Weeden would have had enough time to update his Twitter he had so much time in the pocket and wasn't sacked all night, much less touched save for a roughing the passer penalty. While Weeden had all day, where the line really shined was in run blocking, paving the way for 278 rushing yards and four touchdowns on 8.4 yards per carry.

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