OSU Basketball: A Statistical Look

Before the start of the college basketball season, in an exclusive interview with Cowboys coach Travis Ford he talked about how the athleticism of this team and the ability to go 10-men deep would cater to the ability to return to the up-tempo offense and high-pressure defense that his team had success with a few years ago with James Anderson and Obi Muonelo.

Ford told The Oklahoman after OSU's 74-68 loss to Pitt that he is steadily backing away from his desire to play 10 men equal minutes because of up-and-down performances on the court. Prior to the game, Ford said the up-tempo style has hit a snag because of turnovers and poor rebounding performance.

In an effort to better understand where the Cowboys stand nine games into the 2011-12 basketball season, here is a statistical breakdown comparing this year's Pokes to last year's team.

As you will see, there are many areas where the Cowboys have shown improvement, but there are key facets where the Pokes are coming up short (assists, rebounding, assist-to-turnover ratio) that are preventing this team from being able to run the offense Ford envisions, and likely resulting in a tightening of the rotation as the Big 12 season draws closer.

These numbers are out of 338 Division I teams.

2010-11 Oklahoma State team statistics

186th in scoring offense (68.2)

127th in scoring defense (66.6)

157th in scoring margin (1.6)

167 in field goal percentage (43.6)

64th in field goal percentage defense (41.2)

324th in 3-point field goals per game (4.2)

167th in 3-point field goal percentage defense (34.1)

72nd in free-throw percentage (72.5)

118th in rebounding margin (1.9)

321st in assists per game (9.9)

300th in assist-to-turnover ratio (0.74)

223rd in blocked shots per game (2.9)

122nd in steals per game (6.7)

162nd in turnovers per game (13.4)

163rd in turnover margin (0.1)

292nd in fouls per game (20.8)

2011-12 Oklahoma State team statistics

127th in scoring offense (70.8)

96th in scoring defense (62.9)

90th in scoring margin (+ 7.9)

184th in field goal percentage (43.2)

61st in field goal percentage defense (39)

154th in 3-point field goals per game (6.4)

184th in 3-point field goal percentage (33)

58th in 3-point field goal defense (29.5)

143rd in free-throw percentage (69.2)

213th in rebounding margin (-0.3)

291st in assists per game (10.6)

211th in assist-to-turnover ratio (0.86)

19th in blocks per game (6.0)

89th in steals per game (7.9)

49th in turnovers per game (12.3)

74th in turnover margin (2.7)

314th in fouls per game (21.9)

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