Tshimanga Say He's Ready To Get To Stillwater

Linebacker Jeremiah Tshimanga of North Richland HIlls (Richland), Texas was back home Sunday afternoon from his official visit to Oklahoma State. Tshimanga is now the member of the 2012 recruiting class that has been committed the longest. Commitment has deep seeded meaning for the young man.

"Yes sir, it did go really well," said the well spoken and friendly Tshimanga. "I got the chance to talk to the coaches and attend practice and see all of that. I was able to spend time and talk to all the players. I checked out all the facilities again. It is really nice. We ate good, I feel like I gained five pounds coming home."

Just like it has been when he has made the trip to Stillwater to attend games this season, he was with his former teammate, current Cowboys linebacker Nico Ornelas.

"Yes, my host was my guy, Nico," said Tshimanga. "We are good friends and the coaches know that and they put us together. That is pretty much what I am used to. I've stayed with him when I've come up there to games."

One of those games was just a couple of weeks ago as he was in Boone PIckens Stadium for the 44-10 Bedlam win over Oklahoma.

"The best game I've ever been to," said Tshimanga. "I was really excited to see the guys win the Big 12 and that just makes me want to be part of a team that wins the Big 12 and then a national championship."

Tshimanga, who is 6-2, 225, had a good season for the Rebels. In the local Dallas and Fort Worth high school coverage he got a lot of credit for several stellar defensive efforts by Richland, which played good defense despite missing out on the playoffs. Tshimanga had 84 tackles, 40 unassisted with three sacks, 11 tackles for loss, a forced fumble and a fumble recovered, which he took for a touchdown.

We mentioned that he knows the meaning of the word commitment. There have been people committed to him that have helped shape who he is today. He is a really quality person who had a rugged go of it in life as he and his mother and family lived in shelters and even out of their car after his father left when was in the third grade. After many years of that he was taken in by a teammate, another talented Richland linebacker in Michael Knoblach, who convinced his family, Stacy and Richard Wade, to take Tshimanga in.

"He had so much going for him, I didn't want that to all go sideways for him," said Stacy Knobloch-Wade, Michael's mom to Matthew Reagan of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. "He's got his head on straight and he sees the big picture."

Tshimanga will be a welcomed addition to the Cowboys and he will be one soon as he is expected to enroll for the spring semester after graduating high school in December.

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