Q&A With Justin Blackmon

Junior wide receiver Justin Blackmon won his second consecutive Biletnikoff Award as the nation's top wide out after the regular season and was a unanimous All-America selection. Blackmon answered questions from the media on Monday about the Cowboys upcoming Fiesta Bowl matchup with No. 4 Stanford.

How happy were you to be able to win the Biletnikoff Award for a second time?

"I was honestly shocked. To be up for it once was a big deal and it was surprising to get it that first time but to go there again against (Ryan) Broyles and Robert Woods, those guys had great years also, so it was even more shocking to get it this year."

As a receiver, when you watch what Andrew Luck does for Stanford, do you think he's the best quarterback in the country?

"I think the best quarterback in the country is on my team. I wouldn't trade (Brandon Weeden) for anyone. If you look at the numbers they say it all. In his two years he's had big numbers both year and, like I said, I wouldn't trade him for anyone and that's not to take anything from Luck. He's a great player and a great quarterback and I just wouldn't trade him for my guy."

What is it that makes Weeden so special, more specifically the stuff off the field that we can't see?

"I think all around it the way he acts and his drive. He takes everything he learns and everything the coaches are saying to him; he takes that information and he goes out and executes the plan every time. He's a guy that's always going out to battle, he's beat up half the time and we never hear him complain. He knows what he wants to do, he has his goals in his head and he's going to get them done."

Stanford has had a lot of defensive success this year and has played one of the guys that was up for the award with you, Robert Woods, and came out on top. Do they do anything different schematically than what you've seen this year?

"Not really, it's nothing out of the ordinary. They run a lot of base defense and it's nothing we haven't seen all year. They are just sound in their execution and we will have to be in ours."

Is it tough at all to have to wait an entire month to play such a big game, especially with the momentum you all had coming off such a huge Bedlam win?

"I don't think so, at least not in my mind. I think it gave us an opportunity to get rested and get some guys healed up. Everybody has gotten to go home and see their families and spend some time doing other things they've wanted to do and we had a break to take care of our tests and all that. I think this was good time off and now we're ready to go."

There has been a lot of talk the past few weeks about coach Gundy getting a new contract. Do you think he's proven he deserves a raise and should be here long term?

"I think he deserves it and he's earned every bit of it. Whatever they give him or whenever they give him that extension I'm sure it will be worth every penny."

How quickly did this team get over the disappointment of not being able to play in the national title game?

"Very quickly. It's not even brought up anymore. We're past that and we're excited to be in the Fiesta Bowl."

When did you get the braces off?

"I think it was about two weeks ago. It feels a little gross and slimy but it's a lot better than having those braces."

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