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Brandon Weeden talked about what makes Levy Adcock ... well, Levy Adcock. He said the thing that makes the man who has protected his blindside as the Cowboys' left tackle the past two seasons so special is that, with Adcock, there is no mystery what he's thinking.

"Look at that hair, that explains it," he said. "What you see is what you get. The guy doesn't have a filter; it's unbelievable. He even speaks his mind with coach Gundy, he says exactly how he feels. He's definitely one of the characters in the locker room. That hair though, hopefully he cuts it after the game because it's getting a little out of control."

Weeden even offered a fun example of his teammate's propensity for expressing himself.

"It seems like every time we have to run he has something to say about it," Weeden said. "He's pretty vocal about it. Now it's just a joke; everybody says, ‘Alright, shut up Levy,' but he speaks his mind when it comes to something physical. He doesn't like to run, he doesn't like to practice, he doesn't like to do anything like that."

It's all part of Adcock's charm and Weeden said he always knows Adcock has his back covered, even if he has to hear about constantly, but he wouldn't want anyone else protecting him.

"He brings a lot of leadership and he sets an example with how he's able to manhandle guys," he said, "Obviously he's vocal and he'll get guys on the same page ... He's one of those guys that when he came in you knew he was going to play and you knew he was going to make an impact."

Weeden gives his projections on who could be the next great receiver at Oklahoma State

Members of the Arizona media were quite taken with the success OSU has had with wide receivers in the past decade, starting with Rashaun Woods and working down the line through D'Juan Woods, Adarius Bowman, Dez Bryant and Justin Blackmon. Weeden was then asked who he has seen in practice who could step up and be the next in line in 2012.

"I think Mike Harrison has a chance to be really, really good," Weeden said. "I tell Mike all the time that if he would learn to quit doing his own thing and just do it the way the coaches are teaching him how to do it that he has unbelievable skills. He has great ball skills, he has great hands, he has the ability to go up and get it with his hands; he has a chance to be really special."

Weeden continued with two more receivers he has seen grow over the course of the season that have a chance to soften the blow of losing a two-time Biletnikoff Award winner. One is someone Cowboy fans are already familiar with; the other isn't.

"Obviously with Tracy Moore having one more year he is a really good player but, of the young guys, I'd have to say Torrance Carr. If he can continue to get better and stay focused and buy in to what we're doing then he has a chance to be really special. He has great potential for a young guy."

Garner excels at calling out blitzes

OSU all-american left tackle Levy Adcock talked on Thursday about what impresses him most about fellow offensive lineman Grant Garner. His response was one most didn't see coming in regard to the Cowboys' starting center. Above his abilities in run blocking and pass blocking, Adcock said what sticks out to him most is the accuracy and speed with which Garner calls out the blitzes of their opponents pre-snap.

"Grant picks it up so fast that there is not any time for Weeden to say anything," he said. "I'm sure Weeden could spot it, but not as fast as Grant can."

Weeden impressed with Luck as a person

Weeden said the two became very familiar with one another after getting the opportunity to spend time together at the Manning Camp over the summer. And, as impressive as Andrew Luck is as a player, OSU's senior quarterback chose to talk about Luck off the field.

"It was neat how (the Manning Camp) worked. We were all in the same house and there was a local bar we went to where we all hung out so we were around each other all day. He was one of my good buddies out there and he's a guy I spent a lot of time with," Weeden said. "He's a riot. He's goofy but he's not cocky. He's extremely humble. Obviously the guy has a bright future ahead of him but you'd never know it."

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