Fiesta Bowl: Friday Wrapup

The Oklahoma State Cowboys starters followed the Stanford starters in game day jerseys at the J.W. Marriott Camelback Resort today for the Fiesta Bowl Media Day. Both coaches worked from a podium and the media worked the room with both teams for almost the full hour allowed.

We know the Cowboys as the home team will wear black game jerseys as they wore those to the media day with the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl patch on the front of the jersey. Fiesta Bowl officials say the Cowboys will wear white helmets. If that is the case the only question on the uniform combination would be pants. We will guess white pants for a first time, white helmet, black jersey, and white pants combination.

Both head coaches got several gifts before they spoke with the media in the form of presentations. There didn't seem to be any over the top answers, although Cowboys' coach Mike Gundy replied, "Yes, I sure hope so," when internet reporter Thayer Evans followed up his story from Thursday on a six-month old internal OSU investigation into what was ruled by the NCAA as several secondary violations involving a non cooperative OSU fan from Perkins, Okla. No other reporter asked Gundy or any OSU players about the story. I report that just to show it is really a dead issue as far as everybody is concerned except that reporter.

The Cowboys practiced for just under two hours this afternoon, a typical Wednesday practice, at Scottsdale Community College. Head coach Mike Gundy again was happy with the work of the team and praised the warm weather and the outstanding practice conditions at S.C.C.

Tonight the Cowboys had a team dinner at their headquarters hotel, the Scottsdale Plaza Resort. Following that the team had some free time although it was offered, not many, if any OSU players took the opportunity to go to Tempe and Sun Devil Stadium for the Insight Bowl to see OU play Iowa.

One Cowboy that will be playing for the final time in an Oklahoma State uniform is senior defensive end Richetti Jones of Dallas. No Cowboys player has played with more passion and pride than Jones, who has also excelled at recruiting other Cowboys into the program. Jones has a real love for what he proudly calls, "my school." This season he had a direct impact on several games such as Texas Tech, Missouri, Oklahoma, and he made book end plays with a forced fumble on the first series to set up a touchdown and a game saving move to pressure Kansas State quarterback Collin Klein to end the game.

How does Jones feel about this being his final game as a Cowboy?

"It hasn't caught up with me yet, but it will probably catch up with me on Monday when we go through our game day rituals and the things we have to do," said Jones. "It will be then that I will probably realize that this is my last one and I will never get it back. That is probably when it will set in."

Jones has 32 tackles, three sacks, three forced fumbles, three recovered fumbles and his first ever interception at any level of football this season. He likes to rush the passer, but he says he relishes that his final game will be against a team in Stanford that wants to run the ball and that will challenge his pride and toughness and that of his teammates.

"I feel that is my type of game, my type of game," Jones said enthusiastically. "You are going to run right at me. That means I don't have to go too far, so that means when it that type of game then I'm at war and you are trying to run over me with plans and intentions to hurt me. I say let's go one on one, hike the ball and let's go. That is my attitude when you play a smash mouth team like that. You have to lower your pads and come off the rock."

Nobody can phrase it quite as well as Richetti and in the peaceful time between now and Monday's Tostitos Fiesta Bowl kickoff he is really enjoying the food of Scottsdale, Ariz.

"When I tell you the food that we've ate down here is top of the line," Jones sang. "If I make it in the NFL then I'm going to take my mom to these restaurants and say like, 'Mom, you have to try this.' Then when I find that special lady in my life, I'm going to say, 'C'mon girl, I want to give you a piece of the good life,' and then I'm going to take her to all of these restaurants we've eaten at."

Until Monday, Jones will keep eating and keep thinking how he will wage his final battle on defense against All-American quarterback Andrew Luck and that Cardinal rushing attack. He'll also continue to be very entertaining.

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