Monken: We Came To Arizona to Win

The countdown is less than 48 hours and counting as Oklahoma State prepares to play in the first BCS bowl game in school history. The Cowboys have enjoyed themselves since arriving in Arizona on Monday for the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl, but offensive coordinator Todd Monken says it's about more than just fun and games for third-ranked OSU as it prepares to face No. 4 Stanford on Monday night.

Oklahoma State offensive coordinator Todd Monken says the Cowboys have gotten down to business in recent days.

Today, I thought we had our best practice," Monken said after Saturday's practice.

"Of course, our guys have been off the streets (because of earlier curfews) the past couple days so that's probably helped us a little bit. It's like I told the team the other day, I don't know how else to say it, as coaches, (but) our self worth and what we will remember about this bowl game is how we play Monday night.

"Now they may have all these stories of going out, girls, having a great time, having a ball and all that but I'm telling you none of those mean a dang thing if you don't go out and play well in the bowl game," Monken continued.

"I don't know what memories they'll have, (but) I remember every bowl game whether we won or lost. I can't remember a darn thing about an aquarium or a zoo. Everybody else comes to games and has a heck of a time but we're grinding our butt off to make sure we don't put out a crappy product for 30,000 people to come down here and pay a bunch of money to see.

"That being said though, we've had a good time. My family has had a great time and that's a great thing about college football. You get into a playoff, (and) it's one weekend. You go play and it's just like every other game. What's fun about that? A playoff is neat but what's neat about going there Friday, practice, play a game, win or don't win, what's fun about that? That's pretty sterile. It's like every other game, so for our guys, they'll remember this for the rest of their lives. That's the neat thing about the system they have now."

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