OSU Saturday Notebook

Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy said he doesn't regret the time he spent doubling up as the Cowboys' offensive coordinator and head coach in 2008 and 2009. But in hindsight it's something he wouldn't do again.

"In my opinion, it is like Boone Pickens says, in order to lead a program, you have to aim and fire, you can't just keep aiming and aiming and aiming and never fire," he said. "So I felt like that I had to make quick decisions.  And at that particular time, it was important for our offense to stay the same and in order for that to happen, I had to call the plays in my opinion.  And so we went through that for two years and we were still pretty good on offense and had success.  But when I look back on it, I know that it affected our team, but I didn't know it at that time.

"So would I do it again?  No.  It about beat me down.  I got down about 168 or 170 pounds or something.  Just the wear and tear on me physically translated over into our team.  And I think it put everybody on edge.  I just don't think the players play well."

Obviously the Cowboys have experienced great success the past two seasons with Gundy serving more as a game manager and not putting as much stress in himself. That calm and collected demeanor from the head coach has infiltrated the team.

"And that's what I was mentioning earlier," he said. "I'm so much more comfortable and relaxed with our situation now that I think it spills over into our players' attitudes, and they're enjoying being on the team more which gives us a chance to have more success."

Jones doesn't want to hear about a shootout but doesn't rule out the possibility

Cowboy senior defensive end Richetti Jones squirmed when he was asked about whether he thought the Fiesta Bowl would turn into a high-scoring affair between two of the nation's most powerful offenses.

"I'm a defensive player. I don't want to hear anything about a shoot out," he said. "The only kind of shoot out I want to hear about is my offense shooting their lights out. We don't want to sit here and have a Baylor-Washington game, they scored over 100 points. Coach (Bill) Young will not have that. He'll stop the game and pull us off to the side, let us have it, and tell us that we'd better go out there and play some real football."

But Jones, one of the leaders on an OSU defense that has played much better than it has been given credit for, said he understands the talent on both offenses will prevent it from being an LSU-Alabama type slugfest, but he doesn't really care how it goes if his team finishes on top.

"As long as we win, it doesn't matter how we get it. If we were to have a victory like (LSU-Alabama), it would just give more credit to both our defenses. But I don't see that happening," he said. "You have Brandon Weeden and Andrew Luck; these guys are stud quarterbacks. At the same time, I am a defensive guy and we are going to give it the best shot we have.

Leaving a Legacy

Markelle Martin, on of 16 Cowboys preparing for their final game at OSU, was asked what type of legacy he thinks his all-time winningest group of Pokes has left for the future teams in Stillwater.

"We continue to strive to get better and make that next step to improve our team," he said. "We showed the young guys that hard work pays off. We showed them to continue to work, and not to question or complain about anything. We taught them just work, work, work, and when the opportunity presents itself, step up. That's why you work hard."

Martin also added that he wants to see the goals continue to get loftier at the school. Now that a Big 12 title and a BCS berth have been accomplished, it's time for the next step.

"We got to the point where we needed to set more goals as a team. In the beginning (of my career), we didn't have the style of team that was setting goals," Martin said. "Not just laying back in the off-season, etc. But since I've been here, we have set goals every year and we have met those goals. Maybe we should have changed those up this year: we started off with the goal of just wanting to be a BCS team, and maybe we should have been more specific about what we wanted to accomplish, but the BCS was the next step for this team. I wouldn't be surprised if next year the goal for this team is to win a BCS National Championship. I think it should have been national championship this year."

Ride ‘em Cowboy

Gundy is continuing his knack for putting out YouTube gold. First "The Rant, then "The Gundy" dance and now as a bull rider.

He looks comfortable in the saddle but insisted that it was the first time he had ever tried it. Reason being? His youngest son didn't think he could stay on.

"That's the first time I've ever been on a bull. Really at the end, I kind of let him knock me off because he was getting tired, so I figured I'd go down and give him a rest," Gundy joked, referring to the mechanical bull. "That was a challenge from my own boys; that was how that all came about. I was unaware that it got out on the internet until about noon today. But my youngest boys wanted to go riding so I sent them over there with some money and they came back and said, ‘You have to be eighteen.' I said, ‘We'll you're a long ways from being eighteen; sit down and eat your dinner.' That's when they challenged me to ride it and I said I wasn't riding that thing. My littlest one said, ‘That's because you can't stay on it.'  This went on so on and so forth, and so I had to go over and ride it. I got a little nervous when I had to sign a waiver releasing liability, but it was a good time.

"There wasn't even that many people there in the restaurant yet, it was only like 6:30. I thought about that for a second (whether it would end up on YouTube) and it was like, ‘There's nobody here that even cares or know who I am.' But apparently that's not the case (since it's on the Internet)."

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