Q&A With Joseph Randle

Running back Joseph Randle has had an excellent sophomore campaign for the Cowboys, as the nation's third leading scorer with 25 touchdowns. He had a great game in the Cowboys' Big 12 title clinching win against OU with 151 rushing yards and 31 receiving yards with two touchdowns. Randle spoke with members of the media to discuss his season and Monday's Fiesta Bowl tilt with Stanford.

How much have you been enjoying your experience out here in Arizona?

"Oh man, it's been a really good time. We've had fun but we have our minds in the right place, too. We're out here to win. We're trying to move our new winning streak from one to two and that's what we're here to accomplish."

Stanford coaches have made it pretty apparent that their No. 1 goal is to try to take away Justin Blackmon. How important does that make your play in reaching a balance where they can't focus on stopping the passing game so much?

"In my mind it's going to be the same as every game. I'm not treating it any different. It's always important to get the run game going."

Brandon Weeden has talked about how strong you've become as a leader for this team and you're just a sophomore. Have you made efforts to do that or is it more of a natural progression?

"We have role models to learn from on this team. We have (Blackmon) and we have Weeden and I got to learn from Kendall (Hunter) last year. I've had a lot of role models ahead of me who have shown me the ropes so that helps."

What was the biggest thing you picked up from Kendall?

"Being a hard worker."

Do you feel like maybe this team's ability and your ability to run the football goes a little bit overlooked?

"It don't matter to me. It doesn't matter what people talk about, what matters is your production when you go on the field."

Where do you feel like you are in your development?

"I feel like I still have a lot to learn and a lot of improvements to be made in the next two years. With the guys we have here, I feel like that will get done."

Was it satisfying to reach 1,000 yards this year?

"We still have one game to go. I'll start thinking about how satisfying some of these things are when the season is over."

Obviously going into this game it's pretty well known that Stanford is pretty tough against the run. Do you ever set any personal goals heading into a game or what is your approach heading into a game?

"Take what the defense gives you and don't turn the ball over. The simple things that seem simple until they happen and then you realize they're a big deal."

Would you like to see a game like you all had against Oklahoma where you all actually ran for more yards than you passed for?

"I'm ready for whatever. If they call my number a bunch of times, I'm ready for that. If I have to block a lot and catch a lot of passes, I'm ready for that, too."

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