Gundy Comments Out Of Frustration

There are some that believe Cowboy coach Mike Gundy was taking a shot at former boss and now LSU coach Les Miles with his comments about the BCS National Championship Game won by Alabama 21-0 over LSU on Monday night.

Gundy said he felt his Oklahoma State offense would have scored on Alabama if they had been involved in the game. No doubt, Gundy feels like his Brandon Weeden-led offense would have scored on LSU if they had truly been pegged to play in the BCS title game back on December 4.

Gundy and the Oklahoma State program handled the fact that voters and computers combined in the BCS Standings to set up an SEC rematch between the top ranked Tigers and the Crimson Tide with class. They went to Arizona and won an exciting come from behind overtime Fiesta Bowl battle with Stanford 41-38.

Still there was frustration with the process and the ESPN involvement. What seemed like an overwhelming sentiment on the part of the sports television network powerhouse to the extent of changing broadcast teams for Dec. 3 by putting Brent Musberger and Kirk Herbstreit on the ACC Championship Game versus having them announce the Oklahoma State win over Oklahoma fed some fans' feelings of a conspiracy theory.

After being in New Orleans on Sunday to accept the Eddie Robinson National Coach of the Year award Gundy was over 500 miles away at the AFCA Convention in San Antonio watching the game on television.

"I will say this," Mike Gundy said to USA Today as Alabama closed in on Monday night's 21-0 win against LSU. "I bet you there'll be a lot of people wish they'd given us a shot to see a different kind of game."

Gundy had said during the season after the win over Kansas while waiting to do a postgame radio interview in the locker room and watching Alabama's defense rip up Vanderbilt on television that if his team played the Tide in the BCS game he would throw every down. On Monday night he reiterated that.

"We'd have thrown it 50 times," he said to USA Today's Steve Weiberg. "You like to think Brandon Weeden and Justin Blackmon could have put together some touchdowns. Get the ball thrown down the field and open some things up. Try to make it exciting, and see what happens.

"You sure would like to have had a shot at it. It kind of hurts to watch it. I just think we could score. We'd use all 52 yards across (the width of) the field. Get people on the edges. Use the vertical game."

We'll never know, but something good may have come out of all this as the BCS conference commissioners and Notre Dame representative are set to discuss possible changes to the format. What has happened this season may be the best reason yet to endorse a plus one format that has been turned down in the past.

It's too late to help Gundy and Oklahoma State this time around but could be there in the future and way not call it the "Cowboy plan."

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