Cowboys Suffer Worst Loss In Modern Era

Oklahoma State has to amend the record books after Saturday's game against Baylor. Unfortunately for the Cowboys, it's not a positive thing. In fact, it might be the worst of all records to have to adjust.

OSU was handed its second worst loss in school history, losing to No. 4 Baylor 106-65 in Waco. The 41-point defeat surpassed the previous low point in the modern era when the Cowboys lost by 38 against Memphis on Dec. 10, 1986. OSU's previous worst loss in conference play was by 35 against Kansas on Jan. 23, 1971.

OSU was twice dealt 42-point losses but they're hardly relevant. Oklahoma A&M lost to Creighton by 42 in 1932 and lost to Oklahoma by the same margin 101 years ago.

Oklahoma State's record books only go back to 1935. Maybe the reasoning is that the NCAA, and thereby the NCAA Tournament, wasn't even created until 1939. So to call this the worst loss in school history wouldn't be a stretch.

"They played like men tonight and we played like boys," coach Travis Ford said. "They are just a much better team than us right now." What was shocking was just how much better Baylor was.

The fact of the matter is, despite a 15-point deficit at halftime, the Cowboys were very much in the game but in the second half the wheels came off.

Not much needs to be said other than this. The Cowboys scored 65 points in the game; Baylor scored 60 in the second half.

Numbers don't always tell the story but this game's give a pretty good indicator of went down in Waco.

OSU shot 38.9 percent; Baylor shot 52.9. Baylor hit 15 3's at 51.7 percent; the Cowboys hit five on 26.3 percent. The Cowboys were outrebounded 48-25. OSU made 21 shots in the game; Baylor made 21 after halftime.

Ford was short but accurate in his assessment after the game.

"They played great. We played bad. There you go," Ford said.

There is no doubt OSU's depth was a major player in the loss. When OSU started running on fumes, Baylor smelled blood in the water. The Bears put on a show from behind the arc, in transition and with alley-oop after alley-oop.

If not for a garbage time Brian Williams dunk with seven seconds remaining, the Cowboys would have suffered their worst loss regardless of era.

Ford's press conference last 25 seconds and no players were made available for postgame interviews.

Fact is words weren't going to do any good and Ford knew it. It's up to the Cowboys to do their talking on the court and Saturday's loss said a mouth full.

How the team chooses to respond from this will say even more.

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